The Art of Color & Texture

We asked some artist friends to share works that radiate color and texture. Click on each artist’s name to visit their website.

Celebration of the Landscape

Artsy Shark invited some artist friends to share landscapes in their own signature styles.

Featured Artist Nancy Christy-Moore

“Inner Painting,” (intuitive painting) forms the basis of my style. My goal in all my paintings is expression of my deepest feelings, not only about the subject matter, but my love of brilliant color and movement that mirrors my joy of living!

Featured Artist Gwen Meharg

I paint hope. Hope that regardless of life’s circumstances, there is a greater picture. All our moments, woven together, create something beautiful.

Featured Artist Raven Skye McDonough

As for my intention for the viewer, I wish for them to be drawn into my artwork long enough to forget their troubles and worries, and for a moment of peace and or thoughtful reflection, in this hectic and crazy world we live in.

Artists Share Their Favorite Works

Artsy Shark invited some artist friends to share a favorite piece of art with our readers. Click on each name to visit their website.

Featured Artist Holly Savas

Another goal is to deliver a sensory jolt to viewers of my artwork. I use colors intended to uplift the mood and enliven the atmosphere of a space.

Featured Artist Stacy “Crowgirl” Spangler

Over the last year, I’ve been delighted to discover the places where my art comes from; a world of starlight and flowers and feathers, a world where people and animals form mysterious partnerships and almost everyone and everything has wings and can fly.

Featured Artist Janice Stevens

Based on hundreds of photos I have taken over the years, I create textile artworks that depict the beauty and textural interest that time and Nature add to our hard surfaced creations and discarded objects.

Featured Artist Sarah Bush

I also find it interesting that the reflective glow created by the cool, hard nature of the metal also helps express the warmth so important to me; qualities I initially thought would come only from the imagery itself.

Featured Artist Maya Kuvaja

My current body of work is a more inwardly focused contemplation. Images derived from dreams and memories are layered together to create poetic narratives of personal histories.

Featured Artist Barbara Krupp

My work today is expressionistically abstract but with a core of representational underlay. It may not be clear even to me, but there’s something in there.

Featured Artist Carol Surface

In life the exploration and understanding of the psyche and its diverse states of being is revealed to us in layers, so layers and the ability to obscure and see through illusion are central to my methodology and imagery.

Featured Artist Josh Talbott

Ideas are magic. Taking one idea to completion just means five more knocking at your door, until eventually you just take the door off the hinges.