Featured Artist Leesa McLellan

Leesa McLellan is a young photographer from Ontario, Canada. Her floral images are amazing, and she has begun to have commercial success. Please visit Leesa’s website to see her portfolio and more about her work.

What are your goals? To create visually appealing images that can be applied to many forms. I am a creative thinker and have visions that span over many mediums. Photography, illustration, painting, 3D, product development etc. All I want to do is create!


What are you working on now?
I have a show coming up in Feb at a downtown Starbucks. This will be my third year showing at this location. I am working on producing specific images related to coffee and it’s associations. Either consciously or unconsciously. It will be humourous to say the least. Hopefully I won’t offend anyone. I am a coffee drinker myself so I think I can relate.

What inspires you?


Midnight Hue

Nature first off. It’s always grounded me. I live near High Park, which is similar to Central Park in New York. It’s a beautiful escape from the city living. But I do offset the beauty of nature with the dark side of the human psyche. I faithfully purchase 2 magazines, Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose.The work showcased in both these magazines caters to a niche market. The odd, obscure, surreal etc. I aspire to most of the artists shown in this magazine and the ones I love, I showcase on my blog.


Luminescent is the most popular image and my biggest seller. This comes from my very first batch of photographs taken with a 3mp point and shoot camera thanks to my Mother. Neon was sold to Avon USA and produced as a print with the Serenity Prayer. Trumpet is my personal favourite because of the colours and the perfection of the petals. It just happened!

One thing I discovered while photographing flowers is it’s very difficult to find the perfect form, structure and colour blends in a flower. Unless you grow them yourself, finding the “perfect” flower is very difficult.


Unfortunately due to my location, I cannot grow flowers. I have spent many springs and summers trying only to have them not sprout or produce poor blooms. So I am at the mercy of florists who don’t always appreciate the delicate nature of the petal. I bring the flowers undamaged up to the counter to only have them whisked away harshly, wrapped in paper and once brought home, bruised and crinkled.

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