Featured Artist Stephanie Borg

Our current featured artist is Stephanie Borg.  Her artwork depicts ethnic subjects in a colorful and delightful style.  Enjoy seeing more about her and her portfolio at Stephanie’s website.

Update: Stephanie was recently featured in Skylife, the magazine of Air Malta. See the article here.

I am a self-taught artist and surface pattern designer from Malta. I have 20 years experience as a professional graphic designer both in my own country and overseas. I have lived for short periods in Italy, Bahamas, Florida (USA) and for about 6 years, in the Sultanate of Oman. The experiences in these countries, particularly those with such diverse cultural backgrounds as found in Italy and Oman, have directly inspired my work and enriched my love for color, pattern and texture.

If I had to use one word to describe my work, then I’d say: color! It’s color that urges me to start a new piece.  Form is secondary. I don’t usually have an exact idea of what my finished piece will look like and the process is always daunting ~ I am filled with both confidence and insecurity.

Inks are still my preferred medium and I get quite a thrill working with them ~ each brushstroke is an irreversible moment of truth, discovery and magic in which I try to capture the expression in that unique moment.

I don’t like labeling my work because I find that limiting. Experiences, influences and thinking affect the working process of an artist, and these can bring unpredictable and exciting changes.

What are your goals?

My daily aim is to keep getting better in what I do and to learn/discover new ways how to achieve my desired results.

I have very recently made the decision to make a living out of my art, so my objective at the moment is to generate more awareness of my art and establish contacts that can help me move forward. So, I’d say that my goal is to succeed in this, but I also wish to succeed in touching people’s hearts with my art.

What are you working on now?

I have been working on a series of ink drawings that depict different aspects of life and culture in Malta. I have also just finished three pieces for an upcoming collective art exhibition to be held in Malta this April, entitled ‘Tektika Tango’ – you may have guessed that Tango is the theme!

At the very moment I am working on new artwork depicting an Omani Bedouin lady, in her traditional dress complete with burqha, to be exhibited at a gallery in Muscat, Oman. Later on this month I will be working on the design concept of a book for the Centre for Omani Dress, entitled: “The Traditional Dress of Oman”, written by Julia Al Zadjali. This is a very exciting project for me as I’ll be having the opportunity to work very closely with the subject that has offered me so much inspiration!

What inspires you?

Its my own state of being which determines if and how I relate to my surroundings and to myself. Sometimes I can be so immersed in my own emotions and thoughts that my surroundings do not matter much. At other times I am more open to life around me and therefore I experience my existence differently.  However, there is always an awareness that helps me assess and redefine myself.  It is like there’s a part of me that looks within and another part that looks outside of me.  This awareness helps me keep redefining myself ~ casting off the old me in search of the new.

I believe inspiration is everywhere! Sometimes, I am not even aware of it at the moment I’m experiencing it.

It is very exciting when I feel inspired! Sometimes I just sketch and let the creative juices flow, at other times I go straight to my colors and start the piece! It depends. Sometimes the inspiration needs to be developed and explored, but at other times it doesn’t take me much till I put my colors onto paper.


  1. she has captured the colour of traditional Omani clothes very well, though the lack of detail on womens faces compared to mens is strange

  2. If you click on the image, it will enlarge. I think you will find that aside from facial hair, the mens and womens faces equally have no features. Stephanie has focused on the elaborate fabrics and brilliant colors of the dress.

  3. I’ve been tracking Stephanie’s work for many years. She captured the essence of Oman through her miniatures and now she is doing the same in Malta through the powerful use of colours. She is an emerging artist with a long creative road in front of her


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