Featured Artist Francis Vallejo

I am in a very exciting time right now.  I am 24 years old and 6 months out of art school.  The majority of the work that I have done up to this point has been experiments.

As with all artists, I am searching for my own voice. It took many failures. Finding what I do not like has been as important as discovering what I do. And what I like is drawing. My pictures have a base in draftsmanship that I sometimes avoided, but am now embracing. I look at the academic artists from the 1850’s-1950’s for inspiration. Illya Repin, Norman Rockwell, and Gustav Klimt specifically.

I am focusing on comic books and children books, and am catering my portfolio as such. I still need many pieces to fill the void in these areas, and am currently working on that. I have a 60 pg. comic on the drawing table at the moment, and when time allows, I am tweaking three unified children book pictures to present to a publisher.

Travel is a priority with residencies in Greece, Russia, and the Arctic Circle being negotiated. An exciting time for sure!

Visit Francis Vallejo’s website, his blog and his store for more about this exciting new artist!


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