Featured Artist Kristin Doner

Hand gestures captured in sand or on a scanner, are the source material for this work. Whether photographing tracings in sand, posing my fingers in
different positions on the scanner, or following the light bar with expressive movements, the resulting images offer an abstract starting point. Being physical during the creative process is important to me, because it allows me to express intuitively, connecting with my subconscious.

Nature is an endless inspiration for me. For instance, sensual seedpods,
pregnant with seed that twist and burst open, or the different ways leaves unfurl. Another influence is my past in the field of graphic arts, which instilled an appreciation for the elegant effectiveness of simplicity. But the refined nature of graphic arts is far removed from the organic qualities I relate to in nature, so I turned to clay as a more organic way of relating to art. My unusual pinch-pot technique and exotic glaze results lead to considerable exposure through books and magazines.

In the aftermath of the dotcom crash and 9/11 though, my work became less about exploration and more about economic survival, which is not a good place for an artist to work from. Therefore, I decided to shut down the studio and return to school. After graduating from Mills College in 2008 I found myself in the daunting situation of beginning again.

Developing another new body of work has required extensive exploration,
examining how I felt and what I needed, and then responding to each
discovery intuitively. Although the work is digital, it is grounded in the
physical world, borrowing the essence of gesture to imply botanical ideas.

Magnolia Editions’ Nick Stone has selected my work for inclusion in “Fine Art Photography: Beyond Digital,” sponsored by the Petaluma Arts Council.


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