Want to Rock Your Online Art Sales?

By Carolyn Edlund

Want to sell more of your artwork online? Check out Artybuzz, a UK-based website which lets you offer your images as prints, posters or . . . . wallpaper?  Yes! Imagine transforming a room with your artwork floor to ceiling. Artybuzz founder Richard Wilde gives details.

AS:  What do you offer, and how do you do it?

RW: Artybuzz.com is an online artists community where we offer a simple and hassle free service to all our customers. Artists simply upload the image of the work they want to sell, set their price and then we handle the rest. Artists can choose to sell their work as giclee art prints, mounted prints, canvas art prints, t shirts and more. Once a piece of art is purchased, we handle payment, manufacture and distribute the products. We then send our artists their earnings based on the price they set to sell at.

It’s a very simple system and means that any artist looking to get started with selling their work can have a great online platform to do it on, especially if they don’t have a website.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of this service simply needs to go to www.artybuzz.com to create their own free profile.

AS:  How do you make Artybuzz a user-friendly site?

RW: Artybuzz is very easy to use.  We have tested and tested it, and have also made changes and modifications to the website as people bring up issues or suggestions they have.  This means our website is constantly improving and getting better each week.

We also have a good search system.  Unlike other websites doing a similar thing, we split our genres of art up. So paintings, photography, illustration and others are separate from each other, which means people can find exactly what they want to view and buy. This also stops photography from taking over as it often does on other websites.

AS:  What other features can artists use on your site?

RW: Artybuzz has many other features, including the ability to comment on work and have their work commented on, meaning valuable feedback can be given and received.

Artists can also follow and favorite other artist’s work, and have the same done to their own. This means a large online following can be created.

Another great feature is the ability to create and add work to groups. Anyone can create or add work to a specific group, for example, ‘landscape photography’ and ‘coastal paintings’ are two groups. Anyone can create a group which gives them increased exposure, as well as allowing a place to be created that highlights the kind of work they love.  Finally, artists can advertise their events and exhibitions for free on Artybuzz.

AS:  Tell us about the mural wallpaper that you produce.

RW: The mural wallpaper is a unique product that we produce at Artybuzz.com.  No other print-on-demand service in the world does this as far as we know. This service basically means that anyone who uploads an image to Artybuzz (as long as it is big enough) can both sell and buy their work as wallpaper, or as a huge mural wallpaper piece. We’re very excited about this product as it is new on the market and extremely sought after. We use real wallpaper which is both fire resistant and wipe proof.

Artists, have you used Artybuzz? Let us know your experience!


  1. Catherine Jacob says:

    I have used Artybuzz for about a month now and think it’s a nice website. Easy to use with a friendly online community and good products, can’t say fairer than that!

  2. It’s helpful to have lots of ways to sell online. Richard is doing a great job with his site. And who wouldn’t love to wallpaper their house with their art ?!?

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