Featured Artist Patrick McCrohan

Artist Patrick McCrohan discusses his art and unusual medium . . .
What are you working on now?

Currently I’m working on a series of Sandstone Creations depicting the wild animals living on the African Plains. I use black ink and a stippling technique to create simple yet dramatic images.

Sandstone is very porous so ink soaks right in creating a permanent works of art. I hand select my sandstone from local landscaping design centers picking out large thick slabs. Its not quite like going down to the art store and grabbing a canvas off the shelf. I lug the sandstone home, break them into more manageable sizes, clean and scrub them down removing any loose pieces and then lay them out to dry. At this point I chisel and shape them a bit more getting a sense of what images are really wanting to come out.

Sandstone has so many beautiful natural features that will enhance the artwork. I look for the differences in each piece. Stone colors, textures, tones, and layers are all part of my creation. I make sure to check both sides and turn it around and around before I decide what kind of animal is just right for the stone. A piece that is tall and skinny may be great for a giraffe or I may turn it on its side and see a line of elephants marching to their favorite watering hole. Somehow I can see an animal in each piece.

What Inspires You?

So many things inspire me but color is my ultimate inspiration! I completely
surround myself with color. Something wonderful about color starts my creativity flowing and not just any color, my mind rocks with vivid and saturated colors. My home is decorated in many colors, orange, reds, purple and yellows not a single wall is white. Colors talk to me. They enhance my mood, they tell me how the day is going to be, what clothing to wear, color helps me decide what to paint next or even what to talk about.
Animals have always been a big inspiration for me. Growing up I had German Shepherds, Poodles, Labradors, cats and even a crow. But I enjoy painting wild animals the most. They are so majestic in there natural settings. Either in a group, or alone, standing under a tree or in an open field, wild animals are so dignified. It could be a horse, elephant, tiger or lion, painting these animals in their natural settings helps me to connect with them.

What are your goals?

Some time back I set out with a goal to remodel my spare bedroom into an art studio. That went amazingly well. My current career goal is to take the path of a full time artist. Achieving this by absolutely freeing myself from the current 9-5 and embracing the life of an artist and businessman. So far I have achieved my goal of creating a web site, Etsy shop and Blog with at least one post a month. After making the move to full time artist I will reassess my progress at the end of each month and set a new goal to achieve. It could be to reorganize my web site, create flyer’s or increase my sales. Currently one of my goals it to create three pieces of art a week. Once I become a full time artist I would like to increase that to at least two pieces of art a day. I also have set a goal to attend one art workshop every three months to keep my artistic creativity moving and evolving. It is nice to step away from the art that you are know for creating and try something off the wall, art that isn’t intended to sell.

Finally I aim to keep a positive attitude and live in the moment sharing my artistic gift with the world and enjoying my experience. This moment right here right now is all we really ever have and then its gone until this moment right now, until it too is gone


  1. Thank you so much Carolyn Edlund for giving me this opportunity. Your the best.

  2. Patrick, I’m happy to feature your work. You are very talented, and have a great portfolio. I’m sure Artsy Shark readers will be very interested.

  3. donna herron says

    i know i.m your sister but i love all your work we are very pround of you

  4. Pat, that is so cool!!! Great job!

  5. I have several of Patrick’s paintings and sandstones at my home and office. They are very eye catching and I always get compliments on them. Patrick is very talented in many ways!

  6. Patrick..
    Awesome work…
    I wish I had your talent……….


  7. Patrick,
    You have come along way in the years that I have known you. You have may talents and I happy to see that you are utilizing the talent given to you by God! You’re amazing!

  8. Robin Rennells says

    Having spent my life with horses, watching them, drawing them, riding them; it is incredible to find an artist who captures them in a way that shows the true spirit of the awesome creature that it is…I plan on purchasing Patrick’s work now before he is too expensive to afford in the years to come…wow…

  9. Libbi Goodman says

    Patrick: As I told you previously I love your work. I’m glad you’re going for the art full time. It’s the only way to succeed professionally and reach personal accomplishments as well. I know you’ll make it.


  10. Hello all I’m currently showing my Sandstone Creations and a few paintings at ‘Dreams and Legends of the Superstitions’. A wonderful gallery in Apache Junction Arizona.
    Read a bit more at: http://patrickmccrohan.wordpress.com/ Gallery[img]http://patrickmccrohan.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/imgp0129.jpg[/img]

  11. Beautiful! I just love the zebras!

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