Featured Artist Sandi Harrold

Enjoy these whimsical paintings by Australian artist Sandi Harrold.  See more of her delightful work by visiting Sandi’s website.


New Kids on the Perch

“New Kids on the Perch” by artist Sandi Harrold


I am really enjoying my art. I seem to be stuck on my old favourites as I have so many people requesting my chook paintings! The Kenmore Gallery is a wonderful outlet for my art where I am fondly referred to as ‘The Chook Lady’!  I also have my art in Teshigoto of West End, Brisbane.


Aussie Chooks

“Aussie Chooks” by artist Sandi Harrold


I was invited to show two pieces at the 2013 Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular and sold both pieces.

I recently held a very successful show titled ‘red spot’, with my artist friend Kylie Farrelly, at the ‘Green Door’ in Stones Corner Brisbane. I was thrilled to win the ‘Packer’s Prize’ at the Creative Art Extravaganza.


Wish We Could Swim!

“Wish We Could Swim!” by artist Sandi Harrold


Kylie and I have entered several paintings in the 6×6 Rochester Contemporary Art Show. We thought this seemed like a really fun idea!


Sandi Harrold

Sandi Harrold


I was born and raised in the Queensland bush, and now live in a western suburb of Brisbane. I have three amazing children. I trained as a kindergarten Teacher and an ESL teacher, presently tutoring children with special needs. I have a garden filled with King Parrots and a dog called Jack, who is featured in some of my paintings.  I especially love giraffes, chooks and emus.


Handsome Is

“Handsome Is” by artist Sandi Harrold


I have written and illustrated nine storybooks for children and illustrated another. The first three are available from my web site and can be borrowed from the Brisbane City Council Libraries. They are titled – Three Little Owls, Jack’s Busy Week and Tom. These are also available from the galleries mentioned above.


See Hear Speak

“See Hear Speak” by artist Sandi Harrold


The fourth book, Sarah and Andy was written and illustrated as a donation for the Aussie Assist Charity, a wonderful group in Tasmania. This book tells the story of a ‘survival dog.’ These dogs are trained to sense when a person is about to have a seizure and warns them to seek a safe place to rest.  The dogs never leave their side.  My story is for young children with epilepsy. It explains the need to love and care for their dog to form a mutual loving and caring bond.


Vespa Girl

“Vespa Girl” by artist Sandi Harrold


I illustrated Under the Rosebush for Jane Fry, this book deals with the eventual loss of a loving grandparent and is published by Green Olive Press, Sydney.



“Shhhhhhhhh” by artist Sandi Harrold


I am presently working with Uncle Joe Kirk, a Brisbane and Wakka Wakka aboriginal Elder and Greer Casey, writing and illustrating several indigenous stories suitable for young children. We have completed the first series of five.  Two publishers are contemplating their future!  If we publish successfully we will continue with further series.  Our hope is to have these books in every Australian school and library as there is a serious lack of child friendly reading material relating to our aboriginal culture.


Aussie Birds

“Aussie Birds” by artist Sandi Harrold


I am painting my exhibits for the Royal Show which is held in August and looking forward to the Brookfield Show next month – hoping for a sale or two!


Ask Your Mother

“Ask Your Mother” by artist Sandi Harrold


Lots of my paintings have been printed onto greeting cards and playing cards and are really selling well. If my art makes you have a good old chuckle – then I’ll be very happy!

Sandi invites you to connect with her on Facebook.



  1. Great work! Love the ostriches in colors! Perfect for children’s books.

    • Sally and Marnie, says

      We enjoyed your paintings. Keep up your inspiring ideas, and have FUN!
      Happy Easter.
      with love to you all.

      Sal and marnie.

  2. Thanks, Revelle, for your kind words –
    you made my day
    x Sandi

  3. I love the chickens (love it all but chickens are so interesting with their textures and bright colors). Congrats on the first children’s book!

  4. Rupert, Oscar, Sue and Ric says

    Hi Sandi
    We love the paintings especially the fish and emus. Your emus were a hit at the Warwick show today. Can’t wait to see the book. Keep them coming.
    x the Evans’

  5. Sandi, I love everything you do…and on top of that I’m priviliged to have an original hanging in my home…a forever memory of a very unusual, very dynamic talent whose work is guaranteed to brighten the life of whoever has the good fortune to see, even just once, the positive energy you put into everything you do. You’re an inspiration to us all .A simple thank you just isn’t enough.

  6. Sandi,

    I really like your work. It’s a lot of fun to see and it’s very hang-able as well.

    Alan Richards

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