Featured Artist Helene Kippert

Helene Kippert, an Australian artist, creates “energy art”. She discusses her unusual and beautiful work. Visit her website for more information and her complete portfolio.

We are all embedded in a sea of energy invisible to the human eye that holds together our physical world and all that surrounds it.  This energy matrix is what some call goddess/god, the divine or all that is.  Energy art makes the matrix visible, increasing our sense of connection with each other and the natural world around us.

I am a fractal artist, working primarily with digital media to explore the interplay of form, energy and light.

I use texture, colour and pattern as a way of breaking down our sense of identity with intellect and form, and reconnecting us to the sacred whole to which we all belong. Sometimes I begin with a drawing and add a number of digital layers until I feel I’ve reached a point of completion, or alternatively I work with fractal images, layering them into complex composite designs.

We are in the midst of a global energy shift that will change the way we live and relate to each other in ways we can’t even begin to imagine yet.  Some people call it ascension, but that’s just another label for a process which is really beyond words.  When words fail us, images can sometimes speak more clearly to our imagination and deep self.  I see my path as documenting the impact of  the shift as it affects my own personal journey, which is really the journey of us all.


  1. Helene Kippert ‘s energy art is fantastic. Thank you for introducing her art to me.

  2. For me, Helene’s art not only captures the shifts occurring in our world, it becomes an integral piece of the process.

  3. Helene art is truly a futuristic gift that can lift the viewer into indescibable spiritual moments. I am deeply moved by all of Helene’s awesome images!

  4. Very dynamic work, I especially enjoy the works that integrate drawing, Helen’s line is very nice.

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