Featured Artist Corina Raiciu

Featured Artist Corina Raiciu was born and resides in Bucharest, Romania. She recently received a MA in Fine Art.  Corina presents her portfolio and speaks about her life and her future plans as an artist. Visit her blog for more information.

What are your artistic goals?

I believe I can make a living out of my painting.  I need help with how I can do that, things about which I didn’t learn in school.  Being an artist is tough nowadays; we need organically to paint but we also need to learn how we can promote and find others who can help us promote ourselves and keep our flame alive.  Since I first found this blog, in spite of the distance, I was very happy to read advice for artistic careers and  how can other artists manage their artistic situation and I must say it’s a great site!

I would like to say that I’m very open to comments on my work or  any advice from people in the direction of  promoting and selling my work!

What are you working on now?

Since summer 2009, I started a new Journey project, as portrayed in these pictures. It is about a journey with an elephant, sometimes two or more, which are very connected with the pure souls of children. They communicate beyond words by connecting their minds, using telepathy. I started to dream about elephants and India , and about the day I’ll get there. I tried to create peace and harmony in my pictures as a protest against violence.  Different books and movies like Ashes and Snow, inspired me very much during this project. I work mostly with oil on canvas, but also use mixed techniques like watercolours, markers and oil on one canvas. This journey is also about meeting our inner self and the power we have inside while being creative .

What inspires you?

Since childhood, I often said I’ll go to the University of Colors. Colors are most important for me and their energy and vibrations are my life. What inspires me the most is nature, in all its forms,  with endless  colors and shapes. So beautiful . . . Another inspiration source are my trips. I am always searching and planning  for places to visit, see, smell, daydream.  My last trip was to Venice, a very inspiring place full of  art and history and of  course, romance. Very important for me are love and friendship, they make my days and through them I can create my works. Also, my parents are my everyday support.


  1. great artist, calm and dreamy personality. good friend too

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