Featured Artist Krystal Campbell

Out of the many things I am proud of, I am most proud of the fact that I have found my passion: making art and embracing my creativity. I am a 27 year old native of Jamaica and I’ve been living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada since September 2000.

I have a certificate in Visual Arts Fundamentals  from George Brown College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from York University.

I discovered my artistic side at the age of 15 while going through a difficult period in my life – during that time, art became a welcomed outlet. I had never thought of myself as an artist, but after lots of encouragement from family, friends, friends of the family and even a neighbor, I recently decided to explore the possibility of becoming a full time artist and illustrator.

My style has been described in many ways – from cute and fun, to weird and dark, to unique and intricate. The pieces are driven by my emotions, as well as my imagination, and as such, I don’t always know what my next drawing or illustration will be.

I love that my work is somewhat unpredictable and unable to fit into a nutshell, but I am aiming to refine my style so that it becomes a bit more distinct to the eye. My mediums are pen and ink, graphite, charcoal and most recently, digital drawing.

My goal is to be as open-minded as possible with my art, and to not allow myself to place my imagination (or my art) into a box. My inspiration comes from tattoo art and fashion design, and also from the work of illustrators Pilar Alvarez and Aileen Holmes.

My work can be found on my art blog (www.krystalcampbellart.blogspot.com) and in my online stores (www.cafepress.com/krystalmoon and www.krystalmoondesigns.deviantart.com).

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