Featured Artist Jennifer Bruno

Our newest featured artist is Jennifer Bruno.  You can get more information about this artist by visiting her blog.

Currently I have several goals, first to eventually become self supportive.   I’m taking baby steps by participating in local art shows and exhibiting in a local gallery on the weekends to gain exposure.  Networking with other artists to share ideas and to grow as an artist. Expand and experiment with different techniques and mediums. To move forward with letting go of my internal boundaries and create without rules and not to compare myself with other artists and be overly critically of my work. To see as an artist and paint from the inside out. Stay versatile and create work than spans a variety of different subject matter and media.

Currently I am working on light, reflections and shadows. Color is always important to me but the subject does not have to be colorful.  My focus is on huge impact with bold hard lines.  Mixed media with a variety of objects on canvas that I create from happy memories of my life.  To inspire people that see my art and hopefully bring joy or excitement to them either by the my works uniqueness or texture, subject, color or boldness.

I’m getting ready to hang my work beginning on or about May 16th at a new gallery opening locally in Northampton, MA.  In addition a very large art show in West Springfield, MA. that will be held this fall. And of course always focusing on exposure through social networking sites and networking.

Beautiful unique subjects inspire me. In every day life, unique architecture, colorful flowers and everything that I am passionate about in life.  Sometimes the work itself will inspire me, especially if I begin to paint without an idea of what I am actually going to focus on and an image begins to emerge without intent. Seeing where the paint will take me and then stepping back to see what I have created. Creativity and color very much inspire me.


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