Featured Artist Rob Servo

New York-based artist and musician Rob Servo presents his portfolio of mixed media works and his inspirations. You can see more of his work and get more information (and listen to his band Homespun Vector) on his website.

My paintings are mixed media narratives based on events and
experiences in my life. I start by creating an asymmetrical frame for
each piece allowing the subsequent story to have the proper shape to
build and flow.  This process was pulled from the order of operations
I use when I compose a song.

Currently I am working on a new series of paintings and songs that are
created in the same theme.  For instance I will create a painting then
create a song based on the same narrative with the same name. The
final product will be an album paired with a painting catalogue, which
is slated for release by the end of this year.

My goals and aspirations are to continue making and showing work while
continuing to play my music. I hope that with projects like this
current one I will be able to find a truer way to express the ideas
that I wish to share.

Homespun Vector was formed in 2006 as the next musical step after The Kinde Trio. Founded by guitarist Rob Servo as a means to explore composition and collaboration, Homespun Vector brings together a diverse group of musicians in an atmosphere of creativity and improvisation. Since the release of their debut album “Numbers or Words” in 2009 the group has been touring the east coast. Depending on the night and the venue, performances can range from solo shows to quintet. Currently Homespun Vector is based out of Brooklyn and is back in the studio working on their next album “Bears Find Fire” slated for release in autumn of 2010. For a list of shows please visit www.myspace.com/homespunvector

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