Featured Artist Roc Cayard

Artsy Shark is pleased to present New York City artist Roc Cayard. Visit his blog to see more of his work. Enjoy this video of Roc painting “Karma Don’t Scare Me None”.

Painting ‘Karma’ (Time Lapsed film) from Roc Cayard on Vimeo.

What are your goals?

My goal is to continue to create visual images that accurately reflect the mood that comes with depression. Each one of my paintings are basically an articulated version of a psychological mood of mine. My goal is also to show that people can use art as a way to communicate things that they might not be able to verbalize otherwise. The rewarding moments for me are when people seek me out to tell me that looking at my paintings bring them some sort of relief in realizing that they are not alone when it comes to some of the feelings and moods that they often experience.
What are you working on now?

Daily sessions of sketching some of my thoughts until its a perfect reflection of the mood.  Then transfering those thoughts on Canvases and panels to be transformed into completed works.
I’ve been receiving alot of exposure for my work and I’ve also been declining some offers to do commissions based on the fact that I only create art that comes from a mood that I’ve experienced.
I don’t do the pretty boats floating on the ocean. I don’t do sunrises and sunsets. My paintings are for the most part  aggressive, social, psychological, political and most are charged with a lot of the energy, which are all the elements of my daily life.
What inspires you?

Art is what inspires me. Art is Freedom. Art is life’s true freedom!!!
I also happen to be a very solitary person. Although I tend to love big crowds, I am also equally as happy and excited when its just me, my paint brushes and a canvas.


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