Featured Artist Jake Remington

Our newest featured artist is Jake Remington. His entire portfolio can be viewed on his website. Please visit!

Artist Statement

The JUNK: a conglomerate of found, discarded materials assembled with nails, glue, tape, and staples…patchwork mistaken for framework. Materials derived from our throwaway culture reflecting our rapid pace of consumption, assembled in such a way that suggests it will only hold temporarily.

The FUME: household chemicals, spraypaint, glue, latex, acrylic, and oil. The fume we all need. Whether its drink, smoke, religion, TV, sex, drugs, working, selling, buying, hurting, or loving; we consume it for the high, for the escape, and it gets us through the day.

These paintings are about consumption and excess. Personal, national, and global. They are about death. And living. Emptiness and fulfillment. The fragile. The delicate. The brutish. The savage. Body and mind. Pissing, shitting, fucking, and loving. They are about laughing and they are about enjoying the view while we can.

The heroes, monsters, and villains in these paintings are not unlike us. They exist in a world they struggle to control with color, line, and shape melting into one overwhelming environment. Abundant forms of communication engulf them but rarely is true communication conveyed between them. With no regulations, no guidance and no communication these characters are running out of time and can only rely on JUNKANDFUME to get them by.

These paintings are looking for a gut reaction. An instinctual, emotional or physical, response that rises to the surface of the viewer. Something to make them pause, take a second look, and think.

Not to rely on old solutions for old problems. Always keep moving. To one day (soon) not have a boss. To not have to wake up early to chase someone elses dream. Create honest work constantly.

Working on
Dealing with the way the world works. Trying not to ignore that reality but instead manipulate it.

Currently contributing to a group show at the CCCP gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn along with a few more group shows around Brooklyn and LES. Looking for more opportunity.


Music, death, sex, love. Cruelty, conspiracy, injustice. TRAVEL. The sun, the moon, the drink, the drug. Junkandfume.


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