Featured Artist Francisco Mulero

Our newest featured artist, Francisco Mulero, presents his work. Visit his website to see more of his portfolio.
What are your goals? My goals are through my art bring art to places where art is not viewed often enough like the inner city and introduce my art to places where art does exist but has no message.  To let the viewer know that we are all connected in someone or the other where they can relate to the things that I as a person have gone through.
What am I working on now? I am working on a series of paintings done with stencils called “Life is Not Easy” –  it’s a response to Mr. Brainwash and his “Life is Beautiful” series.  I have nothing against the artist for his message, which is very positive – but not everyone can say that when they see his message. My message is basically telling the viewer  “yes, life is not easy, but it can get better with hard work and determination.  Anything is possible.”
What inspires me? I think the most thing that inspires me is the misconception put on certain classes of people.  We live very sheltered lives and when we see something or someone that doesn’t fit in, we criminalize and judge them.  That’s been one of the things that pushes my art.  The other thing is our limited time of life.  Life is so fragile and and any moment we can lose it or lose someone close to us.  Love Life.


  1. Intriguing art and interview!

  2. Janet Field says

    Wow great art , reminds me of Dali in regards to imagination and creativity

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