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Artsy Shark presents the work of our newest featured artist, Lucia Cullinane. Visit her website to see her entire portfolio.

Lucia is a native of Valencia, Spain, having an Irish mother and Spanish father. She moved to Madrid when she was 8 years old with her family and credits her interest in art was formed from the regular outings to the Prado Museum with her parents. She was totally overwhelmed by the grandeur of artwork and the atmosphere of the imposing building.

Her parents recognised their daughter’s talent and fascination early on and sent her for classes where she learned to mix colours, to draw, and more importantly, she learned about the great masters whose paintings she so often admired in the great Prado.. At university she studied Tourism but always kept up her interest in painting.

Since 2000 she has lived in Ireland and decided to make painting her career. She has successfully exhibited at Irish galleries and had her first solo exhibition at The Green Gallery in Dublin in 2009. She has created many commissioned works for individuals and public institutions.

Lucia works in mixed medias, with her characteristic bright colours, 3D effect, and themes from the early 20th Century, she has created a style that is very personal and totally original. With Klimpt as an early influence, there is a certain drama to her paintings created by capturing the effects of light or defining interesting inter-spatial relationships.

Artist’s Statement

I enjoy exploring images of people from the early 20th Century and freeze them in poses which can insinuate a whole script. My fascination with this period developed through old black-and-white movies.
I believe a painting should speak to a person’s emotions through colour and light. Everyone has their own experiences that contribute to their loves and dislikes of artwork. My artworks show my love of light, my fascination with the female form and with human relationships. People constantly comment to me the impact the bright, vibrant colours of my art has made on them, how the theme of my art spoke to them, how full of life and moody they are, and the high quality of work I produce. My future goal is to venture out into new frontiers to display and sell my artwork.

The element of mystery is evident in the relationship between the individuals in my paintings. They invite you to become engaged and interpret your own version of the story which is unfolding and one inevitably ends up inventing their own script for the moment caught on the canvas.


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