Featured Artist Stephanie MacKenzie

International award-winning photographer Stephanie A. MacKenzie, is a vibrant up and coming new talent. With a solid, cutting edge education at Sheridan College including Applied Photography and Art Fundamentals, she is spawning a new photographic style by intertwining photography with Art. Stephanie’s style captivates anyone who catches a glance of her unique artwork.

With three suitcases and her camera by her side, Mackenzie got a one-way ticket from Toronto to the largest hot spot for Art. Now residing in Paris, France, Ms. Mackenzie is working internationally. Her award winning photography has been published & displayed in galleries in New York, Paris and Toronto. Mackenzie also participates in numerous charities to help out those in need.  I invite you to sit back, relax, and surrender into unconsciousness to experience the surreal dreaminess of Stephanie Mackenzie’s photography.  Please visit her work at www.dekafoto.net

What are your goals?

My goals are to use my Art  to inspire people to continue to go for their dreams in the Arts industry.  I would like to have the opportunity to shoot celebrities with my unique Digital Art style.  It is also important to me to try and donate work to charities each year and help those in need while donating 100%.  I am currently looking for representation as well as a person who can guide me into the Arts industry so that I may make it into a profitable business and be able to do it full time.

What are you working on now?

I am working on having a show in New York City as well as Barcelona, Spain.   This is along with retouching the photos I took in Toronto, Canada for Comic Book Artists, Actors and Talented Musicians who are all in the process of realizing their dreams.  There are also new additions I will be adding to my digital Art series with my inspiration from my Art show in New York from this past May which can be viewed on my website.

What inspires you?

I get inspired by visiting numerous Art galleries in Paris as well as my everyday surroundings & seeing Art in everything my eye sees.  I love traveling and taking my camera by my side as my 3rd eye because it allows me to capture each story that is going by per minute.  Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali & Herb Ritz have all been a true inspiration to my style of Art.  They taught me about imagination, colour & and form and how to inspire me to mix each thought and vision in my mind.



  2. I have been following your work ever since i saw it in New York.. i found it unique and am always interested in your new projects =) can’t wait to see more in the following months.

  3. Congrats Steph!
    You’ve come a far way in such a short time!
    Keep up the awesome work and continue to strive for your dreams!
    I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished
    Looking forward to seeing your next vision and inspiration

  4. Your work is amazing and vibrant!
    It is rare that a young talent has the skill of old masters with a contemporary vision for new and eclectic interpretation.

    Congratulations !!!

  5. Stephanie:

    A great many photographers get caught-up with learning the various features emergent technologies offer to the artist. And the availability and mastery of the photographer’s tools is, doubtless, an essential to the construction and production of the intended portrait. However, one’s art is more than just a product, it is an expression; and effective images are those that command attention and communicate to an audience.

    The Analogous colors in the flowers, even at the brightest hues, breathtakingly draw attention directly to the subject. The form and shape clearly cradle the subject while images in the several shades of grey in the back provide depth and motion.

    The final image suggests a photographic meeting of DaVinci and Dali. The Mona Lisa is offset, and given motion, by blurred negative to the side that appears to extend the adjacent image and introduce a darker, more somber mood.

    The hunky youth is layered very cleverly; at once standing out-and-apart from the background while also melding into the background. The plaintive expression on the aboriginal mask, up and to the subject’s right, pose the rhetorical questions prompted by youth and its ephemeral nature.

    Fantastic work- carry on!

    And just remember- when you become successful save one print for your early admirers. (I prefer the earlier explorations- it’s the artist’s soul that I find most fascinating.)

  6. Stephanie,you’re amazing! I have throughly enjoyed your work …it’s captivating. Please keep up the good work and I’m sure you will do well.

  7. Hi,Stephanie, I enjoyed very much your work, I knew that you’re good and I’m sure you’ll succeed in all your endeavours.Best of luck in the future!

  8. Ms. MacKenzie, you have a wonderful and refreshing perspective. Your unique style is very striking. I am drawn to all the different facets in your interpretation, and connect with your work in multiple levels. I hope to seeing more of your work.

    Keep honing your gift. I wish you all the success that you are willing to go after.

    • Dear everyone who took the time to comment on my work,

      Thank you for your inspirational words and taking time from you everyday. I will keep everyone posted on the new Arts I have been working on to come soon.


  9. Hi Stephanie,

    How you have evolved so far in, what seems, so little time. You have an almost-neurotic vision that not only resonates but penetrates deeply throughout the multiple layers of the human psyche. Your creations not only contain a powerfully innate sense of energy but they simultaneously catalyze secondary impressions and emotions transporting your audiences far-across a wide range of personalities simply by taking one solitary glance. The best way that I can describe the impression that your works have on me would be to say, “Synesthetically, you have created an elaborate, multi-dimensional optical pathway with unrivaled success. Your pieces stand alone because of the newness and freshness that they impart. The beauty of your work is not found in the obvious but in the oblivious. You grant your viewers autonomy and the power to decide for themselves what they see and to what extent they see it. That, in itself, is a very liberating and healing manner of communication for anyone, especially an artist. By giving your audience their own power to choose you open the door to possibilities. You open the door to life. So, how would I describe your work? In a word, transcendent!!!!!!!

    Paul G. Pace HBFA / Lover of Art

  10. I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting .

  11. Wow, beautiful work Stephanie.. Loved the final image. Thank you..


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