Featured Artist Mark Powell

Artsy Shark now features British artist Mark Powell.  He presents work from his sketch book that has been exhibited across England.

What are your goals?
After leaving university I was invited by various galleries to travel to the west coast of America to participate in various shows which turned out to be fairly successful, and I was invited back. I aim to continue showing in the USA as well as London also.
What are you working on now?
My current work has moved on from drawing to paintings that are 8 ft long and 6ft in height on average and deal with my general thoughts surrounding social workings and the emotional make up it.
What is your inspiration?
My inspiration lies in the everyday and my understanding of it, whether it be mistaken or misguided or which is often my preference.


  1. Would love to see his web site or blog, but I don’t see a link. Great work!

  2. Revelle, Mark is having his website constructed. When it is up, I will ask him for a link and add it the the article.

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