Featured Artist Frank Rozasy

My earliest memories are of drawing and making art.  I have been exhibiting and selling my art for the last 40 years, all over the country and in private and public galleries, museums and universities.  My art mediums are oil and acrylic paintings, photography, oil pastels, computer graphics and mixed media watercolors. The subject matter of my art comes from the essences of my life.

The first is “Woman Fantasy Art” using all my media.  I have been making art of my muse Doe Gentry for the past 25 years.  It is a true artistic collaboration.  All the images of the fantasy women are her.

My love of jazz music has produced a series of art of the giants of jazz including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and others from the golden age of jazz from the 1950’s.

Family is very important to me, so I’ve produced over the years a series of art called “Nostalgic”.  It is mixed media, using photography, watercolor and color ink.  Using my old family photos I’ve made large scale nostalgic art of family life from the 1920’s to the 1940’s.

Marilyn Monroe is an American icon and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given access and copyright permission of 3 Marilyn photographers’ archives to produce my art of her using their photos as a bases for the pieces.

I live right near the beach in Santa Monica California and I long distance swim in the ocean year round so my art reflects that with different series of beachscape art.

In that same vein I do a lot of wilderness camping and from those trips I produce a series of panorama photographs and mixed media landscapes.

My life as and artist has been filled with opportunities and misfortunes, inspiration and mistakes, love and disappointments, comedy and tragedy but through out it all has been the constant of making art which fills my soul.

Enjoy more of Frank’s diverse portfolio of work by visiting his website.


  1. I love your art, the depth given your subjects and variety of styles, textures etc. Some people make art and others are artist,you are an inspiration.

  2. Frank –

    your art appeals to me – everything from the concept to the execution and your use of various media. The work stands out, and I wish you continued success. But the best thing about your work is the centered, experienced, and creative person who created it and continues to create.

  3. Wow…that is so hot. i havent seen the lincoln park one. Fabulous! all of your stuff is so ripe for fame.

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