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Artsy Shark is pleased to present Featured Artist Nikki Mull.  You can see her complete portfolio by visiting her website.

I was born and raised in a rural town in Eastern Idaho known for being the first city in the world to be lit by Atomic Power…but only for two hours. I received both my BFA and MFA at Idaho State University before moving to the Northwest to attend the Seattle Film Institute. Currently, I live in Los Angeles with my husband and a black cat named Banana. I will be studying animation at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects for the next two years while I continue to paint and make short films.

My work tends to develop into series, multiples flitting around a common idea.  The style and medium I use is dictated by the concept.  Although I tend to favor oil paint, film, mixed media, fiber arts and weaving are mediums that I often utilize.

Currently I am preparing to embark on a series of charcoal drawings. I feel that working in series is advantageous because it pushes me to keep expanding and reworking an idea. The end result is a group of individual images, frozen departures, that interact with the others in its group, creating an almost filmic experience for the viewer. Each series is accompanied by its own artist statement.
I’m currently showing the following series:

Birth & Baptism is a group of five large oil paintings completed this year.  The inspiration for these pieces are the times in life where you get to start over, be vulnerable, and be reborn. Stylistically they are distinguished by the use of forced perspective from a high angle.

Sunlit is a larger group of smaller paintings. These paintings are about quiet interiors. They are about solitude and voyeurism. But mostly they are about light.

Bleeding the Playing Possum is a series of 12 self portraits based on famous paintings from art history.  The theme that I was exploring was the romanticizing of pain and death in our culture.  I borrowed art history’s crimson smears of paint, pinned on the wounds like costumes, played dress up with cultural, political, religious and personal artifacts from times past that I could only revisit in an idealized whim of fancy.


  1. Great use of severe light and shadow!

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