Featured Artist Maria Wide

Artsy Shark presents the work of Maria Wide, a Swedish artist now living in Los Angeles.  You can enjoy more of her portfolio by visiting her website.

I really love the creative process. My paintings are more journey than destination, and tend to reflect my emotional state at the time of creation.  They are abstract self-portraits: a visual diary, if you will. The reward at the end of the process is the insight to my Self that comes from finding new forms of expression.

My work doesn’t adhere to formal process or predetermined subjects; it usually starts with a doodle and emerges as a free flow of colors, layers, and images. Differing mediums are used with spontaneity: acrylics, tar and paper are among my favorites and I often use fire as a tool to create shadows and contrasts.

In my work you will often find repeating patterns: crosses, lines and grids, as well as re-occurring symbols: female figures, horses, and birds. These symbols, while universal, evoke different interpretations or feelings in the individual viewer.  For me, they are instrumental in the process of self-discovery.

As you can also see, I am lately drawn to rich colors! I mostly use primary colors unmixed, one exception being the color that seems to reverberate strongest in my soul, the color orange – it’s vibrant, warm, and positive. It’s fire as well as earth, a grounded yet regal presence.

I try not to tell people what they’re seeing in my paintings; I’d rather let them find their own meanings and images.  Whatever your thoughts and/or reactions, positive, negative, or otherwise, I would love to hear them.


  1. Wonderful work! I really love the thick, black outline

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