8 Steps to Easy Effective Testimonials

By Carolyn Edlund

Here’s a quick tactic to create a growing list of testimonials you can share (and promote!) to your prospective customers. It’s super easy, free, and very effective – and your customers will be writing it for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a free blog. You will be setting up a free account on Blogger.com, to create a page where your customers will be raving about you. Log on and set up a password and account, and choose a user name. Then pick a name for your blog, (use your business name). You will go through steps to choose a blog address and check for availability, and then choose a template, which will give a “look” to your page. Choose one that best suits your tastes.  You now have a blog!
  2. Next, write a post. Don’t worry – you don’t have to maintain this blog every day, because what you write will be your First and LAST post. That’s because your clients will be writing it for you! The title of your post might be “What people are saying about me”.  Take some time to write a short paragraph or two about yourself and your work. State your Unique Selling Proposition – why are you special? Why should customers be buying from you? Give it some thought and be very clear.
  3. Ask for comments. At the end of the last paragraph, you will be asking for comments. You might state “My clients are very important to me. Please leave a comment below letting me know how I’m doing.  If you don’t see the comments box, just click on the title of this post or the word ‘comments’ shown next to the picture of the pencil below. Thank you!”
  4. Clean up your page.  Now preview your post, and clean up any spelling errors. Click on “Customize” at the top right corner of the screen, and click and drag the “About Me” box to the top box on the screen that says “Add a Gadget”. Then click “Edit”, and remove the “Followers” box and the “Archive” box (you won’t need them). Don’t forget to save.
  5. Add a profile. Click on Dashboard – Edit Profile. Enter your real name, but don’t fill in your email address to avoid spam (your visitors will come to this page by invitation only). Follow directions to add your photo, which adds credibility to your profile. You can even add an audio clip if you have one. Add your website address where it says “URL” and fill out the rest of the Profile by giving some personal details that will make you seem more real to your prospects. Use this space to communicate things about you that will help others to like and trust you. Then click “save” and view your profile.
  6. Get ready for comments. Return to your blog post and click on “Customize link”. Click “settings” and “add description” such as “Read what customers are saying!” Save this. Click on the “Comments” tab, and answer the questions – Who can comment? Select “anyone”. You will want to select “always” for Moderation, and fill in your email address for Notification. This alerts you when comments have been posted, so you can approve them.
  7. Request testimonials from your satisfied clients. Next, click on your blog article title, and “comments” tab.  Cut and paste this URL into an email that you will be writing and sending to some of your best clients, asking for their comments as a testimonial for you.  Make sure you write individually to them (not one email to everyone at once) and ask for their feedback about you. They should use their full name, as this adds more credibility to their testimonial. If they have a photo linked to their account online, it may also appear with their comment, which will help you even more!
  8. Use your testimonials for free promotion. After you have received some nice comments, be sure to thank your clients who have done so. You will use the link to your testimonial blog page in emails to prospective new clients, and can even add it to your email signature. Use it in social networking to promote just what your happy customers say about how wonderful you are.

Let’s put this into action now. I’ve set up a page for myself to show how this happens. Since I already have a blog (you are reading it), I have simply added another page to it, which you can see on my navigation bar as “What Readers Think” and I’m asking for your comments. Let me know whether you find Artsy Shark useful!


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