3 Simple Questions to Start Your Day

Artsy Shark presents a guest article from Aletta de Wal, coach and consultant from Artist Career Training.

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Aletta de Wal

Last week I coached eight groups of artists over three days. It was a treat (and more nourishing than eating Halloween candy).

We were in Pasadena, California but one artist came all the way from Alaska. These artists could have been getting paint on their clothes.¬† Instead we met in a windowless boardroom. That’s dedication!

We were there to talk about making a better living making art. We buried myths. We built pathways to a satisfying art practice. We covered the practicalities of the business side of art. We explored creative art marketing.

We got into the finer points of each topic. But connecting them all were three simple principles:

  • Art marketing happens one conversation at a time. At the heart of your marketing is a series of conversations designed to build a bridge between you, your art and your audience. That means you have to be clear on your intentions, your talents and your appeal. It also means you can build your business one step at a time.
  • Art marketing conversations lead to relationships. Conversations lead to connections. Connections are the first stage of relationships. Relationships that last take time to develop. Over time you build trust.
  • Trust leads to sales opportunities. People buy art from people they like and trust. Gallery dealers represent artists who connect with their viewers and collectors. Artist representatives choose artists they can depend on. Museum curators favor artists whose work draws acclaim and attendance.

Take action on these principles and you will get results. It takes more than a cup of coffee to get your day started. Add these three questions to get you going every morning:

  • What is the next conversation you need to have to build a bridge between you, your art and your audience?
  • Which relationships do you need to begin or nurture to build trust?
  • Who trusts you enough to consider exhibiting, representing or buying your art?

You will be amazed at the how much simpler marketing becomes.
What are you waiting for? ACT now!


  1. Thank you Alletta and Carolyn.

    I joined the call this evening and got a lot out of it. Some in the form of confirmation that I have been headed in the right direction with my marketing efforts and some in action plans to add to what I have already started.

    I hope to join in on additional calls and continue to grow what I love doing, my ART.

  2. Susan,
    Thanks for joining us – Aletta has such a wealth of information that it’s hard to take it all in at one time! There were a lot of great questions from participants, and I also look forward to future calls.
    And thanks for being a featured artist – Susan’s portfolio can be seen here http://bit.ly/9c5sRp.

  3. A dynamic duo, these two art experts! As an A.C.T. participant, I can attest to the absolute thoroughness of Aletta’s coaching–I never fail to learn something new with every page of every monthly lesson packet. And Carolyn is a well-spring of inspiration and connections, as well. Thank you both. http:janetglatzmaineart.com

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