Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark this Year

A countdown of the most popular articles on this blog, by readership,  in 2010:


10.  Art Website Basics: What Every Artist Should Know – Marketing strategist John R. Math’s excellent article on how to construct an effective web presence

9.  A Gallery Director Speaks: What Artists Must Know – Robert Patrick, gallery director and artist advocate gives a 3-part interview about how to present to a gallery, and their inner workings. This is part one – don’t miss the whole series! Here are links to Part 2 and Part 3.

8.   How to Fail as an Artist – a tongue-in-check list, with links.

7.   What you Didn’t Know About Starting a Greeting Card Line, Part 1 – a primer for the card entrepreneur. What sells; what doesn’t; how retailers work; how to balance your line. This is the first article in a 3-part series. Check out these links to Part 2 and Part 3.

6.   How to Sell Your Work to Art Publishers – interview with Harriet Rinehart Flehinger of Bentley Publishing Group. A how-to guide for artists looking to work with art publishers. Business Cycles, what they are looking for, and how to create the right art.

5.   How to License Art to Manufacturers – Joan Beiriger’s article on how to create art for the licensing market, plan strategically and approach the right prospective clients. Lots of links to resources.

4.   Vision and Strategies for Artists – This is part one of Rhonda Schaller’s outstanding four-part guest article on DIY strategies for artists; alternative opportunities for exhibitions, and taking control of your art career. See also Part 2, Alternative Opportunities for Artists, Part 3, Discover Your Market and Part 4, Strategies for Self-Producing Artists.

3.   25 Ways Artists and Craftspeople Can Market Their Work – a checklist of different ways to sell your work, with lots of links to resources.

2.   Greeting Card Biz Insider Secrets, Part 1 – Creative Director Don Ruge’s outstanding 3-part guest article tells you how the card business works, and how to design great sellers, whether as an entrepreneur or licensor. Read Part 2 and Part 3 for the rest of the series.

1.   Selling Your Work in New York Galleries/An Insider’s Story – Rhonda Schaller hits a home run again, with a guide to artists who want to sell to top galleries, from a coach, gallerist and pro. How to approach this market, and what you should never do.


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