Featured Artist Terri Lloyd

Artsy Shark is pleased to present Terri Lloyd, a visual and performance artist from California. See more of Terri’s provocative work by visiting her website.

Pink Buddha and the Babyheads

“I have found a great comfort not fitting in. Even growing up, I was always outside looking in… It’s much safer and friendlier out here in the wilderness…

Am I a designer? Am I a graphic artist? Or a fine artist? Performance artist? Or none of the above? It doesn’t matter to me. I have things to say, so I say them, my way.

Rigpa 1

Terri Lloyd is a San Francisco Bay Area transplant that has called Los Angeles home since 1980.

Rigpa 2

Under the influence of a Sixties latch-key-kid youth, the circumstances of a working class life did not provide the conventional means to an art education or experience.

Rigpa 3

“It has been challenging, but I refuse to let the institutions get in the way of my education. Knowledge is now available at our fingertips. There is no excuse for ignorance. Ignorance has become a choice.”

Introduced to the Apple Macintosh in 1987 a love affair with digital art was born. Terri has never viewed computer generated imagery as a movement. The computer and software are tools. How the operator chooses to use them remains as individual as any other artist working in any other medium.

Bunny Gun

“I compare the work I create to advertising. It’s about formulating the right message first, and not becoming a sporting event half-time fiasco that baffles the viewer with high tech circus tricks.”

Terri’s approach is something that she terms a “whole-istic Zen,” which emulsifies decades of commercial and graphic arts expertise into pointed, often controversial visuals. Seasoning her images with pun and insinuation, all the while thumbing her nose at conventional wisdom and other popular absurdities.

Its all good

She currently resides in Northeast Los Angeles with her husband, three cats and one boisterous macaw.


  1. Many thanks to Carolyn and the Artsy Shark Team for all the great resources and tips. Not to mention the p.r. –Pink Buddha is tickled, well, pink! : )

  2. Terri

    We know each other on Linked in and you did a feature article with me on Slam magazine.

    Any ways, I’ve seen your work here on Artsy Shark and I love what you’ve done, love the tension and the cerebral antics you protray in your work !


  3. I love Terry and all she has done !!!
    great article about her and her work !

  4. Terris’ work is amazing and strong. I’m happy to know that there is something I have’nt seen, and can expect new and original work from Terri Lloyd!

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