Boost Your Business – Get Some Press!

By Carolyn Edlund

Courtesy Barbara Jean Lloyd

One of the best ways for artists to gain  visibility is to get the media to help promote them. Put together an attention-getting press release, perfect your pitch, and get ready for some great results. Here’s how to get started:



Tell Your Story – People are always interested in fascinating stories, and as an artist, you can give them one. Put lots of thought into writing a well-composed, succinct but compelling story about your work, your background, your inspiration, your philosophy, etc. Use your best images to make the story irresistible. The purpose here is to create a buzz.  Keep the story short and to the point (300-500 words at most), making sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Create your press release – Press releases should be written in third-person with an understanding that the reporter needs a hook to write a great headline. Check this article for tips on writing one, plus a press release format you can also use.

Interviews are even better!  Although you’ll want to send out press releases, getting interviewed by a reporter or blogger is even better. Do your networking on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ to connect with bloggers, writers, reporters and other media people. Make connections both nationally and in your hometown, because you will want to appeal to both. To find local media people, do a city search on Twitter, and follow them. As you communicate and build rapport, you are in a better position to get those interviews.

Become a source  – Subscribe to HARO, where you can pitch to any reporter needing a source for your particular expertise. Customize your pitches when you respond for a higher chance of getting some press exposure.

Looking to guest blog?  Target popular blogs which cater to the audience you want to reach. It’s best if you break the ice by being a subscriber, commenting on and sharing their blog content on social media. Rather than starting a long conversation to ascertain whether you can submit an article, send the blogger an email with an article which is ready to go. You may be surprised, but many times bloggers need material and are willing to use your story. Just make sure it’s not “me, me, me” but an entertaining, useful or compelling read of real interest to their audience.

Want to get your product featured on national TV?  If you are ready to take your story and your product to a national level, check out this article on about pitching your work. You will have to have a very professional website, and be able to deal with a huge traffic surge when your work goes on air. Good luck!

Have you gotten great press?  Please share your techniques, and link to the article!


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