Enterprising Artist Survey

By Carolyn Edlund

Those two clever Brits, Dan Johnson of RightBrainRockstar and Helen Aldous of Artonomy, have created a survey to collect relevant information about the art community, which you are a very important part of!

Their mission is to gain a deeper insight into the growing creative entrepreneur community, so as to be better able to help you thrive.

Arts bloggers of all stripes were asked to promote participation, providing a link to the survey, which closes on March 1st. If you leave your email address, you can get a summary of the results of the survey. So, check it out . . .




I’ve been promised a peek at the information after all is said and done. I will go behind the curtain to my lab, crunch all the numbers and answers, and hopefully be able to write even more focused and helpful articles for emerging artists!


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