Want to Spread the Word about your Art? Join a Tribe!

By Carolyn Edlund

Combine your efforts with other established bloggers and watch your traffic soar.

Are you an artist or arts writer with a blog on your website?  Then you’ve seen many options for posting, sharing, emailing and spreading the word about each new post you publish. That drives traffic, enhances your search engine ranking, creates a buzz, and provides news for your readers. I recently connected with a group which helps share my blog posts and increases my reach exponentially – and you can do it, too.



Triberr.com, the brainchild of Dino Dogan and Dan Christo, is a place to connect and create strategic alliances with other bloggers for the promotion of all. Join a tribe of other bloggers in your niche, and start working together. All tribe members see a stream of everyone else’s blog feed, which they can share on Twitter, Like on Facebook, submit to StumbleUpon, share on LinkedIn or give a +1 to on Google Plus.

Triberr is a fairly new concept, and the creators are continuously rolling out new options and benefits for the members. You can become a member of Triberr free, using up to three Twitter accounts and RSS feeds from your account. There is a “Tribe Wanted” feature if you want to join more tribes for additional promotion, and an option to use bones (Triberr money) to ask unrelated members to also share your posts.

Your job is to post on your blog regularly, have interesting things to say, and make sure you share many of your tribe mates’ articles as well.

How well does it work? Let’s ask some of my fellow tribe mates in the Art World Ninjas tribe:


Helen Aldous of the Artonomy blog raves, “since joining Triberr I have seen a 69% increase in traffic.”


Aletta de Wal of Artist Career Training says, “What I like most about Triberr is being part of a community of people who are all dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial artists. Like artists, we each have a different signature style and voice, so even when we cover the same topic, we add nuances that change the composition.


Jason Dirks from Meylah states, “Our readers are loving the additional content that is being shared from this team… Triberr is a very powerful tool!”


Dan Johnson of Right Brain Rockstar: “I’ve yet to discover it’s full potential, but I have certainly noticed a significant increase in the number of retweets I’ve been getting recently, many of which have come from followers of my fellow tribemates.”


John R. Math of LightSpaceTime:  In the short time that I have been involved with Triberr, based on my website analytics, Triberr is now in my top 50 of sources of traffic, and climbing every day! Also, my followers on Tweeter climb every day too. Triberr is a great concept to expand your marketing reach and to increase your website traffic.”


Lori McNee: Since I joined Triberr I have seen a marked increase in my reach and traffic to my Fine Art Tips blog. and inadvertently to my personal website. My Twitter following has also grown since using Triberr. This is partly because I am a member of 2 art tribes where I directly hit my own art niche, as well as 2 other tribes that are outside my target audience, but still compliment my tweeting style.”


Triberr founder Dino Dogan explains Triberr this way:

Artists have to learn how to market themselves and then spend time doing the marketing, which cuts into the precious time that could be used for making actual art. Triberr solves this problem in two ways:

1. We don’t teach you how to market. Instead, we place you in the environment where the right kind of marketing simply happens. It’s kind of like having a kid go up the waterslide. No one has to teach the kid how to go down a waterslide. Kids can intuit what needs to happen once they’re the next in line. Same is true of Triberr and the kind of marketing we help you do.

2. Triberr saves you time. You share a little and you gain a lot. We make it really easy to promote others, which is way more fun than promoting yourself, and we make it really, really easy for to others to promote you.

It’s truly a win-win-win arrangement. You win because you get to curate valuable content for your audience in an easy way that makes you look like you’ve spend hours trolling the internet. Also, you win because you don’t look self-promotional. Your audience wins because they get to know the work by your tribe mates.

And your tribe mates win because they don’t have to spend time promoting themselves and yet they gain valuable exposure through you, and you through them.

Triberr is about promotion of the whole tribe. Other members of the Art World Ninjas include Barney Davey, Alyson Stanfield, Cory Huff, Tara  Reed, Lori Woodward and Nicky.


Have you used Triberr? Would you recommend it? What’s your experience?

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