Artsy Shark’s Greatest “Hits”

A rundown of the most-read articles ever on Artsy Shark, by category. Plus, the top 6 most-visited Featured Artist pages.


Most Popular Article Ever:

Are Your Prices Unrealistic? 


 Featured Artist: Linnea Heide




Art Licensing:

How to License Art to Manufacturers (guest post by Joan Beiriger)


Greeting Cards:

What You Didn’t Know About Starting a Greeting Card Line – Part 1


Featured Artist: Michael Vincent Manalo


Tales from the Sound Architect


Art Galleries:

Selling Your Work in New York Galleries/An Insider’s Story (guest post by Rhonda Schaller)


Art Publishing:

How to Sell Your Work to Art Publishers/Interview with Harriet Rinehart 


Featured Artist: John McLaughlin




Selling Your Work:

10 Ways to Plan a Successful Trunk Show & Boost Your Sales 


Business of Art:

How to Become a Successful Book Illustrator/Interview with Duncan Long


Featured Artist: Donna Howard




Interview with Artist’s Agent Samantha Levin



How to Fail as an Artist 


Featured Artist: Bobbi Mastrangelo





What’s Wrong with Your Art Website?



Creative Marketing for Artists 


Featured Artist: Olga Gouskova




Sales Reps:

How to Work with Sales Reps to Grow Your Business



How to Grow Your Business Through Referrals


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