The Secrets of Retail and Wholesale Selling for Artists

By Carolyn Edlund


I’m thrilled to have been asked to partner with Alyson Stanfield of Art Biz Coach fame in presenting two teleseminars this month about the business of art and craft.



These will take place May 9th and May 16th. Join us for each of these hour-long learning sessions by visiting this page on Alyson’s website: “Art Sales for Artists and Craftspeople.”

The first session, taking place May 9th is “Nail Retail Sales.” We will deal with issues that artists have with selling their work and how to improve them.

We will talk about sales techniques, and:

  • Why people buy and why you need to know this
  • How to overcome objections from customers
  • How to ask for the sale
  • How to sell more to individual customers
  • How to drive repeat business
  • What you must never say to a retail prospect
  • Why it’s never about money

On May 16th, we will delve into selling your work wholesale, with “How to Wholesale Your Art or Fine Craft.” This is an area that interests many creative entrepreneurs, but they may not understand how it’s done successfully. I sold my work wholesale for twenty years, and was an outside rep calling on retailers for over seven years, and have several different viewpoints on this subject.

There are many important strategies to know about taking advantage of selling wholesale as a way to stabilize and build your business.

Topics include:

  • 5 reasons to wholesale your art or fine crafts
  • How to wholesale if you make only originals
  • How to move from retail to wholesale
  • How to price your art for the wholesale market
  • How to build relationships with retailers who can sell your work
  • How wholesale buyers think and what they need from you


Click Here to get more info on these two teleseminar sessions! If you can participate on the call itself, you can get the recording and listen whenever you like.


  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I can’t participate on the live calls, since I have to collect the kids from school. However, if I register will I be allowed to get the audio to listen to later?


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