Need Sales Reps? Here’s How to Find Them

By Carolyn Edlund



While walking through a large wholesale trade show lobby a while back, I noticed two bulletin boards. One was labeled “Reps Wanted” and was full of notices and requests from gift manufacturers looking for representation for their lines. The other was labeled “Lines Wanted.” That board was empty.

This illustrates the incredible demand for effective representation, and the potential revenue it can produce for your small business.

So, where are the sales reps, and how do you find them? If you make a product which can be made in production and wholesaled, such as greeting cards, giftware, fashion or home accessories, you can probably benefit from the services of a good sales force to sell your collection into their retail store accounts. Finding reps isn’t always easy – and getting the right reps can be a challenge as well.

I’ve owned a production studio and hired sales reps, and I’ve also worked as a sales rep myself, so I know the business well. When I found out that Sandy and Malcolm Dell had written an e-book on this topic, titled How to Find, Recruit and Manage Sales Reps, I asked to take a look at it.  I wanted to judge for myself how helpful I felt it would be for my readers and clients who are looking to grow their creative businesses.


How to Find Sales Reps


The Dells have written a gem of a guide to finding sales reps, qualifying them and managing them. Full of industry information, it is a primer for small entrepreneurs who need this essential information. It’s straightforward and easy to understand, which is perfect if you don’t have a background in sales.

One of the most useful sections of their book contains 5 sample contracts that you can use when hiring reps, to be sure that all the details are covered. I wish I had these when I first started out hiring reps!

I also love that the authors have priced their guide at an introductory price of only $27.00. For about the price of an inexpensive dinner out (without drinks), you get access to great information that can revolutionize your business. Yes, it’s true. I know, as a former road rep, how many new accounts I was opening for my lines, and the sales volume I was writing. Finding and hiring the right reps can be an incredible boost for your business.

Sandy Dell asked me to be an affiliate and help publicize their e-book, which I agreed to do (so their sales also help support this blog.)

I don’t often write articles about products and recommend them to readers. One reason is that I have to really believe in a product to endorse it, and the other is that I think artists and craftspeople should be getting great value in what they do purchase. This guide is one good investment, so if you are in a position in your business to benefit from a sales force, my suggestion is to take advantage of this very useful product. You have my word on it.

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