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Manon photoFeatured artist Manon Sander paints the paradise of her adopted home state of Florida. Visit her website to learn more about this talented artist.



From a very young age on I loved spending my days exploring the places I grew up in: Bavarian villages and in my teenage years the bustling metropolitan Berlin. And I loved drawing and painting. As an adult, I’ve combined those two passions – and it’s always a great day when I discover a scene or subject that seems to be just waiting for me to paint it!




I have drawn in charcoal, painted in acrylics and watercolor, and used acrylics on a large scale when I was painting murals in private homes and stores for over a decade in Chicago. But one day, when I was standing in front of an oil painting by artist Ken Auster, moved by the emotions expressed with thick brushstrokes and rich color, I knew that oil paint had to become my medium.


Woman on Beach "SPF-55" painting by Manon Sander


After studying in a workshop with Ken, I left happy but with the realization that I had so much more to learn and explore. Everything fell into place a short time after, when my family and I moved from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area where I found a vibrant art scene and had a life-changing experience: to learn how to make the painting feel truly alive I had to paint from life.


 "Small Fry" painting of girl on paddleboard by artist Manon Sander


Under the watch of several distinguished and renowned artists, I studied how to make a painting that combines rich texture and vivid color while capturing the expression of my subject and the impression it left on me. I learned to simplify and paint the big shapes before I go into detail. I learned about my new medium, values, temperature, design and about the importance of deciding what my focal point is. The most important thing I learned was to look at something and to just see, without giving the subject a label.


Seagull painting "Palm Beach Resident" by Manon Sander


In August 2010 I entered a new phase in my life when once again we moved (hopefully for the last time for a while) to sunny, buggy and wonderful Florida. The ocean and the beach provide me with a never-ending stream of inspiration: the sunlight that creates lavender shadows on the white clothing of people walking by the water’s edge deep in conversation; surfers and paddle boarders catching an aquamarine wave; boats at rest and on a journey; and sea creatures and birds that call Florida their home.


Catching Up - painting of two women on the beach, by artist Manon Sander


I aim to share my happiness with you in paintings that reflect the color, light and joy that I see in the world – and hope I can create a connection with you of a special place or moment you want to have in your life. Now, I’m off to grab my brushes, palette knives, oils, canvas, a big umbrella and head out for the sun.


oil painting of a pelican "Lazyboy" by artist Manon Sander





  1. Great pieces. The texture and color really draws the viewer in, and the subject matter was very relatable

  2. I would likr to purchace,”Catching Up” It is so us! It belongs in our home!!!! Please let me know if it is available or if you have prints. Thanks, Rachel

    • Rachel, I will pass your message on to Manon and ask her to get in touch with you.

    • Hi Rachel,
      thank you so much for liking “Catching Up” so much you wish to purchase it. I responded via email but didn’t hear back from you, so I wonder if my email ended up in your spam filter….
      Anyways, yes, the painting is for sale. It is a wonderful 12 x 9″ oil painting with lots of light in it, and it is framed in a simple but beautiful plein air gold frame. The painting is available for $325 plus shipping. Please call me at 415-606-7685 and we can discuss the details!
      Looking forward to hearing from you,

      Manon Sander

  3. Joan B Lewis says

    I love your work! Your spontaneity is glorious and enviable. (I’ll keep trying for it).

  4. Dear Manon,
    So glad to find you here. We painted with the PAPB from 2010-2015. Ian back in Chicago, doing abstract work now, but seeing your luschious paintings, I will get back to plein air this summer.
    Most fondly,
    Adrienne Aaronson

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