Close Art Sales Faster with this New Phone App

By Carolyn Edlund

The WalnutArtApp for iPhone and iPad can “virtually” increase your art sales.

Making an art purchase just got a whole lot easier! Four Australian IT developers/art enthusiasts put their heads together and came up with a brilliant idea to help artists, galleries and art buyers visualize artwork “in situ” and gain confidence in the buying process.


Walnut App Co-founders

Walnut co-founders:  Michael Gregorevic, Michael Joffe, Vedran Arnautovic, and  Andrew Guy


The Walnut system allows artists and galleries to upload an image of their artwork into the Walnut Art database, which creates a unique QR code for them. Art buyers can then download those artworks into the WalnutArtApp with ease, by scanning the QR code. Art buyers then take a photo of the wall where the art would hang, and import the artwork right into the space – voila, a perfect preview! The app itself is free and available in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Art buyers also have an additional option to snap a photo of any artwork (not just those with QR codes) and visualize it on their wall. This feature requires an in-app purchase of $1.99.


Vintage Poster in situ

Left: WalnutArtApp visualization of vintage poster from Galerie Montmartre
Right: The actual poster pictured in the room after it was purchased


How it helps Art Buyers:

  • No more buyer’s remorse when you know just how art will look in your space ahead of time.
  • This app sizes the art to scale in your room, and even angles the image correctly for a perfect preview.
  • Choose any dimensions for the previewed image to decide which size print to buy.
  • Share the finished image with family, friends and colleagues to get feedback – or an approval nod to make the purchase.


Artwork: Melisa Taylor

WalnutArtApp generated visualization of an artwork by Canadian artist Mélisa Taylor


How it helps Galleries and Artists:

  • Allows you to close the sale faster, with fewer objections.
  • Avoid the time and hassles of delivering art on approval.
  • Sell internationally with confidence before you ship.
  • Upload images to the Walnut-Art website through a secure portal to obtain QR codes to use in advertising. Several QR codes can be created for each image in order to track the effectiveness of each advertising source.
  • Use your QR codes in a brochure, website or even a postcard, inviting readers to scan and “experience” your art in their home.
  • Show your art in person with a QR code next to the work, so prospective customers can scan the code and import your image, and you can follow up easily on your new lead.
  • Also works with three dimensional art.



The WalnutArtApp even works for graffiti artists!


Galleries and artists can upload artwork onto the Walnut Art website for $1.00 per image per month. This app is fun to use and could be an effective part of your art marketing toolkit. Try it out and leave a comment. What do you think of this new app?


Art credits: Vintage poster from Galerie Montmartre. See more work from artist Mélisa Taylor here.


  1. At last! I will be trying this out for sure.
    Well done guys!

  2. Where do I find this?

  3. The app looks promising. Thanks for this and your other valuable artists resources!

  4. I appreciate the tip and will look into this! I would also love to find an app that I can place my images in situ for marketing purposes…just to show clients the potential of a piece…so not necessarily in their own home, but just to catch the attention of someone. Having just the artwork isn’t enough. But this app will serve a different purpose, so thank you!

    • Jennifer, Have you considered having in situ photos on your website, and simply scrolling through them in person on a iPad with potential clients to present your work?

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for the article. Can I download and use these view rooms with my artwork on my own website after?


  6. Sweet idea, As a prcticing proffessional artist whos phone is the whole business outside my studio. I would definitly want an app like this to seel client paintings from shows Ive been in sales for my whole life and this would be a beautiful tool to have Kudos Gents!!!! But yes make an Android app!!!!!

  7. Hi all,
    We have just created a video that shows how the app works.

    Check it out:

    Also, you can now subscribe for our service directly from our website:


  8. Carolyn- I’d love to make my own ‘In situ’ images on my website for people. I’d love some basic instructions on how to do this so that the image is in proportion to the room. Any tips? I know photoshop- just need a little extra help on how to get started! Thanks!

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