You are Invited to an Arts Business Workshop

Artists in New York, New Jersey and the MidAtlantic – please join us!

Summer Arts Business Institute

 August 10, 2013

9:00 a.m – 3:30 p.m.

Luna Stage Theater

555 Valley Road

 West Orange, New Jersey


This one-day intensive educational event for artists is hosted by the ValleyArts District, a dynamic community for artists in northern New Jersey, 20 miles from New York City.

Carolyn Edlund,  the founder of Artsy Shark and the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute, will be presenting. Joining her is Wendy Rosen, the founder of The Buyers Market of American Craft, which is the largest trade show for handmade items in the country. She is also the publisher of NICHE Magazine.

Topics for this workshop: 

What Sells? A Formula for Success     

What can an artist really make?  How to design a sustainable growing business model. What’s the right mix of art fairs, commission work and wholesaling to shops and galleries? Is wholesaling an option for your art or craft business? How to structure your business for growth. Terms and standard practices; How retailers think and why they buy; Presentation of your work; Building those essential gallery relationships.

Creative Marketing for Artists     

Learn how to create an effective marketing message that adds value to your work; Tell your story the right way; Understand and reach your target audience; New marketing techniques; Website content and design for artists; Social media rules of the road; Press and publicity.

Product Development     

How to build a wholesale collection from the ground up; Understanding themes and trends; Expressing your own signature style; Creating efficient production systems; Working with suppliers; Designing for your target audience; Building value into your line.

Selling Strategies for Wholesale      

How many ways can you sell? New Niche Markets for Artists; Trade shows; Working with Sales Reps; Wholesaling online; Consultative selling; Moving from consignment to Net 30 wholesale; Selling one-of-a-kind work to galleries; Prospecting, follow up and closing the sale; Out-of-the-box sales strategies for artists and craftspeople.

Scheduled Personal Critiques/Consultations

One-on-one pre-scheduled critique sessions with the workshop speakers are available – but very limited. First come, first served only; these are booking quickly. Artists who reserve critique appointments will bring samples or photos of their work and their marketing materials. Each appointment will include a personalized consultation for the artist. Evaluation of your collection, price points, target audience and appropriate markets, including strategies to improve and build your business.

Tuition for this Business Workshop is $95.00

$30 additional for Critique/Consultation Appointment.

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  1. linda rumpf says

    Thanks, Artsy Shark! I live in the Cincinnati area, so cannot be there in New Jersey this August, but I will tell a friend who lives in NJ near NYC, to attend. We both went to Pratt years ago on talent scholarships, and then became housewives. Now, we are in our forties, and trying to figure out what we can do to reconnect with making art and making money from it.
    I am currently designing a greeting card line, and she has been painting and doing pastels, and we both love putting words with images.
    I wonder if you will tape the workshop in August so I can buy a copy???
    I really need the expertise you offer!!!!
    Thanks so much,
    Linda Rumpf

    • Hi Linda, Thanks so much for the referral! Although we’ve gotten this request before, we actually do not tape the workshops. They are very interactive, and the live experience is so important. Personalized critiques are part of the schedule, and they are incredibly popular too, so of course you have to be there …

      Our workshop schedule with The Arts Business Institute will be taking us to New Jersey, California, Hawaii, South Dakota and North Carolina this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one out your way sooner or later!

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