Announcing the “America’s Best Art Fairs” Awards – What’s Your Vote?

By guest blogger Connie Mettler

What’s the “Best Art Fair in America?”  

Americas best art fairs

Exhibiting artists know which art fairs are their favorites (and there are lists to prove it) but it’s art buyers who really determine the success of art events.

Those important people have never been surveyed about their favorite shows! So, in its continuing mission to support art fair artists, Art Fair Calendar is launching its 1st annual poll for art buyers.

The goal? To determine the best fine art fairs and craft shows in the country from an art collector’s point of view;  then use the information from this survey to attract more art patrons to the nation’s fine art and craft shows, generating more sales for artists.

You know what the good shows are. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work by bringing even more people to attend and buy art.

You’ve also met our industry’s best customers at show after show, looking for that next great show or new artist. So we want to know:  What show do you think art fair shoppers should not miss?

Please vote for America’s Best Art Fairs here now:  

Art Fair Calendar will be publishing the results of this survey with the purpose of  encouraging art collectors to travel to new shows and share the information with their friends. When this survey is completed we will:

  • announce the results at the Arts Festival Conference in Louisville, October 7, 2013
  • announce the Best Art Fairs Award winners by sending press releases to the media
  • promote the list of winning shows on our Art Fair Calendar website (#1 Google ranking for “art fairs”)
  • invite the winning shows to leverage their “bragging rights” by publicizing their awards in local media, bringing more media attention and buyers to attend our nation’s art fairs

How can you Help?

Everyone reading this probably has a mailing list of customers.  Please help us get the attention of the art-buying public (and support the art fair business that we love) by sending the survey link to your list and sharing it online.

To help increase attendance at the shows we also invite you to:

  • include information about America’s Best Art Fairs in your next email newsletter
  • email the survey link to people you know who attend these events
  • post the survey link on your Facebook page
  • post it to your Twitter feed
  • add the survey link to your website, maybe near your show schedule


Art Fair Calendar launched in 2002 to help more artists earn a living creating original work by attracting more buyers to art fairs. Art Fair Calendar and its related advertising-supported sites at Art Fair Insiders, Art Show Reviews and Calls for Artists are published by art fair veteran and show consultant, Connie Mettler. Connie has been part of the art fair industry since 1978, managing her husband’s photography business, organizing art fairs, and hosting websites advocating for her friends who work in the art fair business.


  1. Interesting that they left out the biggest and most attend art fair in the country, Art Basel, Miami Beach.

  2. Hi Judith. The reason is that our sites focus on the nation’s fine art fairs and festivals. As excellent as the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver, e.g., is for artists sales, there are no galleries at these shows. This is all face to face artists meeting patrons on the streets and in convention centers across the country. These events are not the billionaires racing into Miami to score the newest trends in art. That is a whole other business. Some of the art festival artists do participate in Art Basel, but primarily their focus is not on this international clientele.

    • OK, but Art Basel is a fine art fair and there are many satellite fairs. I’ve participated in the Red Dot fair and Aqua, this year I will be doing Aqua again and I’ve sold my work to American Collectors. One new one I’ve heard of has unrepresented artists.

  3. None in the states of AZ, ME, VT? I know of quite a few in these states.

  4. Very nice links, Judith, and great work.
    I spoke with someone this week with 3 art degrees (!) who has been unable to continue her art career, starving pretty much, doing adjunct teaching, etc., and I suggested to her that art fairs are an alternative and she replied that she didn’t have it in her to mass produce art. There is certainly that aspect to this business but there are many people in the business that like you create one of a kind work and have been able to find an audience at the nation’s street fairs and festivals.

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