Call for Featured Artists

Artsy Shark needs 36 new artists to feature and promote. Submissions are open until midnight, November 14, 2013. Are you interested?

Call for Artists 2014 Collage

Visual artists in any medium who would like to submit their work for consideration to become a featured artist on Artsy Shark may apply between November 6 –14, 2013. This is a juried submission process. Each selected artist is featured in an individual article on Artsy Shark, sharing their story in their own words, and presenting their portfolio. Articles also include a prominent link to the artist’s own website.

Each featured artist article is emailed to thousands of subscribers, promoted extensively on social media, and seen by many of the 30,000 unique visitors to each month. It then becomes a permanent part of the Featured Artist Gallery , which contains almost 400 artist features at this time.

Interested? Becoming a featured artist is an excellent opportunity to present your art and attract lots of traffic to your own website, where you can gain subscribers, social media followers, grow your network and make sales. Consider it an extension of your marketing efforts, and continue to promote your featured page for as long as you like.

There is a jury fee of $15.00 for each submission. After the deadline, all artists will be notified if they have been accepted. No fees or commissions are collected by Artsy Shark on resulting sales of artwork.


Featured Artist


 Artist credit: clockwise from top, Janet Glatz, Endre Hevezi, Pablo Montes, JK Dooley, Mark Rosenbaum, Beth Judge, Teresa Haag, Detlef Gotzens.


  1. Pradeep Gupta says:

    Is it a physical submission or digital? Where can in read about the submission procedure?

  2. Hi there.

    I am interested in submitting, however, my gallery is quite small. Is there a minimum piece requirement since the marketing is so extensive for the selected?
    Thank you.

    • Karina, it is best if an artist has a fairly sizeable body of work. Although there is no minimum requirement, take a look at your portfolio. If you feel it doesn’t have impact because there are not enough images, it would probably be best to wait until you create enough work so that you are satisfied with the size.

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