Meet the Artists

In the studio or at a gallery opening, artists are some of the most fascinating people we know. Enjoy these photos of our artist friends and what they love best!


Daphne Hill and Anna Stump

Artists Daphne Hill and Anna Stump collaborate on paintings in their San Diego studio.

Elliot Appel

Painter Elliot Appel with tools of the trade. He specializes in hyperrealistic city scenes.

Mary Lonergan

Artist Mary Lonergan poses with her painting “Great Peacemaker” in Paris.

Pam McCabe

Pastel artist Pam McCabe in progress on a portrait in her studio.

Dan Blatt

Photographer Dan Blatt works on his portfolio on the computer.

Alex Colombo

Alex Colombo creates a collection of art to be licensed to manufacturers.

Tatiana Roulin

Artist Tatiana Roulin demonstrates her painting technique in front of an audience.

Sharon Donovan

Designer and metalsmith Sharon Donovan shows a piece of her jewelry to a fan.

Chrissy Mahuna

Chrissy Mahuna felts an amazing collection of humorous animals in her studio.

Donna Bernstein

Donna Bernstein often works in a large format, creating stylized horse paintings.

Pascal Chuma

Artist Pascal Chuma with his students at the Bobea Art Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Deborah Sherman

Artist Deborah Sherman sketches on a trip to Italy.

Paul Shafranski

Pencil artist Paul Shafranski with work in progress. This drawing is titled “The Pack.”

Denise Boineau

Denise Boineau gets creative, working on a new oil painting in her studio.

Helen Klebesadel

Helen Klebesadel’s studio is filled with art and color.

Rosalind Breen

Toronto artist Rosalind Breen says she is “loving life painting.”

Jonathan Simons

Pennsylvania woodworker Jonathan Simons built his business creating beautiful and functional kitchen tools.

Megan Cohen

Pet portrait artist Megan Cohen with a gallery display of her artwork.

LothLorien Stewarat

Jewelry artist LothLorien Stewart solders silver in her studio at Mostly Sweet Jewelry.

Robyn Ryan

Robyn Ryan smiles as she begins new paintings in her studio. She knows there is nothing better than being an artist!


  1. Looks wonderful! I am glad to meet all the artists featured here! Thank you!

  2. love seeing artists at work!!

  3. Thanks, Carolyn, for posting our photo! Since it was taken we’ve moved to a warehouse studio and invested in full masks to protect from resin fumes. Bigger, better, safer!

  4. Victor Mwangi. says

    I loved seeing different artists in different studio inspiring.
    Pascal Chuma represented our country,Kenya well.Keep it up Pascal

    • I m deeply honored…and I love meeting awesome, wonderful great artists from all over the world here. Thank you Carolyn …and Victor Mwangi. All the artist listed here …May God Bless the Work of your Hands. Art is a basic need. One fine day we can arrange for a group exhibition 🙂

  5. Nice pics full of passion. Would you accept a photo of mine too? Even if I’m based in France. That sure can be a step in my studio exchange project…

    • Evilo, From time to time I run photo articles and invite all artists to send me studio photos of themselves at work. You are welcome to do this! Just contact me by email.

  6. Duncan Odeny says

    As a young artist from Bobea Art centre- Kenya, am honored to be featured here..a great opportunity and something special..thank you Carolyn and may your efforts and all artists’ efforts get full recognition.thank you

  7. Elvis Mabinda says

    It’s with great pleasure for your support in publicizing artworks done by our artists.thumbs up,thank You.

  8. So great to see other artists in action! I’m so happy to see some of my friends made the list!
    Congratulations to all!


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