Share Your Artist Story through Steller

by Carolyn Edlund

Every artist has a story to tell. Steller offers a way to share it with the world.


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When the Steller staff invited me to become a Featured Author for their launch by creating stories about artists that I know, I checked out their app right here and was intrigued. Steller offers a refreshing platform to easily tell stories, and is extremely visual – perfect for artists!

Read my stories on Steller here:  BOOM  and   FORM, LINE, PATTERN … STORY


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The best stories on Steller are easy to read and contain a simple concept. Visuals can range from photos (in a small or large format, with text or without) to videos that add a new and fun dimension to the story experience. Include links to your art website and social media profiles in your stories to invite readers to connect with you.

Create collections, and stories within them, under the profile you set up at Steller. As you develop them, your stories can be shared through social media (on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and even embedded in your blog or your website page. Other Steller users can like your stories, moving them toward a more popular status.

The Steller home page features a constantly updated list of top stories from the past 24 hours, three days and week, so you can enjoy new content whenever you visit.

Your Steller stories can be an addition to your marketing efforts, enabling you to share your work to a whole new audience. Putting these simple books together doesn’t require a lot of written content, but what you do say should be compelling. Use this as an exercise in condensing your artist story to a very basic form and using photos and videos to delight your readers.



  1. ohhh, i love it!!

  2. Thanks for creating a “story” on Stellar about my work and process! Such fun to see it!

  3. This is totally awesome Carolyn. I enjoyed reading the stories of the two artists you featured.

  4. I absolutely love this. Engages the senses more than a simple posted article. It’s got a V.A.K.T. touch… really terrific for the arts!

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