Where to Buy Art Online

by Carolyn Edlund

Interested in acquiring a piece of art? Online shoppers have hundreds of choices, such as those listed in Artsy Shark’s comprehensive directory of websites that sell artwork.


Artsy Shark Gallery sells Art for Inspired Living.

Artsy Shark Gallery features highly curated artists in a variety of 2D mediums.


From folk art to digital collage, photography to fiber, jewelry, watercolors, sculpture and more, the marketplace for consumers who want to buy art is global – and growing every day. Our sister site at Artsy Shark Gallery offers a carefully selected group of talented emerging artists with a variety of mediums and price points, starting at under $100.

Browsing through a list of website options offers tons of choices depending on the customers’ preference and needs.

Payment methods vary from outright purchase through a shopping cart to auction sites where bids are placed on work for sale. Other sites, like Crevado, offer stunning portfolios with links to the artist’s own website where the artist may be contacted or a purchase completed.

Websites that sell art often specialize. Some offer original artwork only, while others have reproductions and prints for sale. You can find artwork at specific price points, such as Vango, or in specific categories such as SculptSite, which features sculpture only, in a variety of mediums.

“Print on demand” sites like Fine Art America are providers that print art images on paper, canvas, aluminum and other surfaces. These are printed when ordered, and are shipped directly to the customer. Other print on demand providers may offer products such as mugs, tote bags, clothing, and cell phone cases, among other items.

Some art websites provide a page for the artist to show their work; others have slide shows, or even provide entire artist websites, such as Artspan. The level of sophistication can vary greatly, as can the customer experience.

Prefer to commission artwork made especially for you? A site like CustomMade connects customers with makers who bid on your special project.

The online world of art sales is growing exponentially. Doug Synoground, founder of ArtPal says, “Online art sales are estimated to more than double in the next 5 years … there is still a lot of room to grow, as these sales are currently only 2.4% of the total $65 billion art market.”

Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with buying art online, and this is happening across all age groups. No wonder, since internet sales in general are reaping larger revenues each year, and Cyber Monday is becoming a major force at the holidays.

Thinking about buying art online?  There are many choices. If you come across an artist with fascinating work, the internet may be the best way to connect with them, since their studio could be located anywhere.

When shopping online, look for professional presentation of the work, information about the artist and their process, shipping, terms, and payment options, so that you understand clearly what you are buying. Don’t hesitate to contact the artist or website administrator with questions, and expect to be provided with excellent customer service.

Shopping online offers an entire world of artwork for sale. You may end up with amazing purchases that you love as you launch into becoming a collector.



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