Featured Artist Diane Sanborn

Diane Sanborn’s abstract oil paintings use the art of pentimento to create layers of meaning and symbolism.  Visit her website to see more of her work.


On the Street Where You Live

“Juggling Act” Oil, 36″  x  32″


I am a professional abstract oil painter who focuses on the unseen.  My desire is simply to create; to use color and form intuitively.  Originally from Chicago, now living in the Southwest, I set my goals to stay in the moment, focusing on only those feelings and connections that give meaning to the viewer.


On the Street Where You Live

“On the Street Where You Live” Oil, 20″  x  32″


Pulling from my Italian heritage, I use the ancient process of pentimento. The visible lines and shapes in the under painting are important clues for the viewer in understanding my invisible world.


Expert at the Dinner Table

“Expert at the Dinner Table” Oil, 30″ x 40″


My canvasses are layered with symbols, while color gives way to the ordering of space. I use multiple perspectives that shift a viewer’s comfort zone.  My use of line gives energy and direction to the viewer.  Blending takes over and creates an ephemeral environment.


Let's Talk

“Let’s Talk” Oil, 26″ x 28″


There is visual evidence of areas where I changed my mind while painting; showing those alterations are important to the final work. It is just beneath the transparent surface where the viewer is given clues to my meaning.


Composition in Green

“Composition in Green” Oil, 28″ x 30″


I find joy in the fact that sometimes I cannot predict the outcome.  To me, the unexpected is very exciting and the path is always winding.



“Scramble” Oil, 30″ x 28″


My degrees include an MFA in Drawing and Painting from Governors State University IL, and a BS in Art Education from Illinois State University. My work has been included in many national exhibits, including NY.  I am the recipient of an Ox-Bow residency through the School of the Art Institute, and have been nominated for the AZ Governors Best in Arts Education.  My paintings were recently featured in a one-woman exhibit at Central Arizona College.


Vivace Vines

“Vivace Vines” Oil, 28″ x 30″


I am currently represented by two galleries, MOD.ARTISTS GALLERY and LuminArte Fine Art Gallery, both in Dallas, TX.


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