Featured Artist Roopa Dudley

Abstract images of chess pieces float through fantastical scenes in Roopa Dudley’s acrylic paintings.  Visit her website to see more of her art.


Epicurean Vortex

“Epicurean Vortex” Acrylic on Canvas Board, 6″ x 6″


God, his magnificence and all his creations, is my prime source of inspiration. I am in awe with outer space, the beauty of our planet, my husband, poetry, literature, design, Tim Burton, colors, physics, chess, music, artists, concepts, intelligence, psychology, foreign languages — you name it.


My Fantastic Solitary Childhood

“My Fantastic Solitary Childhood” Acrylic on Canvas Board, 24” x 18”


Even though it was solitary for the most part, I had one of the best childhoods a child can experience.  However, my solitude was compensated with my imagination that took me to forbidden places and uncharted territories. I remember spending most of my time day dreaming about what my life would be like in the USA.


Work Mate

“Work Mate” Acrylic on Canvas Board, 14” x 11”


My late father used to tell me, “It is a land where dreams come true; a land of freedom and opportunity.” He was right. Each and every one of my dreams so far has come true, and I have been showered with abundant opportunities ever since I migrated here from Pakistan in 1988.


Metaphysical Labyrinth

“Metaphysical Labyrinth” Acrylic on Canvas Board , 14” x 11”


As one may conclude, I am obsessed with chess. I enjoyed playing it as a child. It empowered me as a young adult and later as an adult in many ways. Since I don’t have that much time to indulge in it (having many other responsibilities as a wife, mother, artist and a language instructor and translator), I incorporate chess pieces and concepts into my work any chance I get. The more paintings I create, the deeper I fall into the abyss of concepts and color. With each painting that I birth, I get a massive adrenaline rush.


Three Knights In Paradise

“Three Knights In Paradise” Acrylic on Canvas Board (Sold!), 14” x 11”


What I enjoy most about being an artist is attracting like-minded people and taking them on a tour inside my fantastical world of endless possibilities.


The World Is Your Oyster (Knight)

“The World Is Your Oyster (Knight)” Acrylic on Canvas Board (Sold!), 14” x 11”


Since I have been socially awkward most of my life, this is how I find the connection that I desperately seek with other kindred spirits; thus bypassing my social anxiety issues and the frustration of being an introvert. They either stick around to see more of what I have to offer as an artist or quickly move on to the traditional art that they do understand. I have been most fortunate to find a lion’s share of an audience for my art and that is a humbling experience.


Chess-Nut Swamp

“Chess-Nut Swamp” Acrylic on Canvas Board, 14” x 11”


My ultimate goal is to be a world famous Epicurean Chess Painter. In order to achieve that goal, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.


Roopa Dudley In Her Art Studio, Severn, MD

Roopa Dudley In Her Art Studio, Severn, MD


I am lucky that I am gifted with Hyper Focus ADHD which keeps me going when the going gets tough. I also have an amazing husband who gives me all the freedom and support in the world to create in peace. Furthermore, I have been most fortunate to have mentors like Alan Bamberger, Renee Phillips and Alyson B. Stanfield at the early stages of my artistic progress. Their coaching, articles and tips have made a huge difference in my career as an artist.


Matthew 6: 33

“Matthew 6: 33” Acrylic on Canvas Board, 6” x 6”


My other goals include delighting my viewers by producing visually and intellectually stimulating conceptual art and glorifying God in any way I possibly can through my art.



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  1. Roopa, congratulations on being selected for this honor by Artsy Shark. It is a special and much deserved tribute to your outstanding artwork. You are an extremely innovative artist. I enjoyed reading about your inspiration. And, thank you for mentioning me. I feel privileged to know you and I am one of your biggest fans of a long, long list. Best wishes for your continued success, Renee

  2. Thank you so much Renee! I am flattered with your lovely comments. I have discovered over a period of time that the genius that we appreciate in another actually is a reflection of the genius within ourselves. I have been well aware that you have been appreciating what I do and it has meant a world to me. In that moment of recognition everything stood still and I became “aware”. I am a firm believer that “no man is an island”. I could have not reached the place where I am at without the proper mentoring and guidance from the experts like yourself. All I had to do was to be ready and present at the right place at the right time and connect the dots!

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