6 Reasons Why Color911 is a Must-Have for Artists

by guest blogger Amy Wax

Color911 App creator Amy Wax impressed us with the uses this tool has to offer artists, so we asked her to write a guest article to explain her new product.


Color911 2 iPad in use - Moma Scarf


There are many tools that help an artist excel at what they do best. The Color911 has proven to be a must-have for many artists, and I’ll show you why.

What makes the Color911 app different is that it was created by an artist and color expert and is designed for a creative person rather than a tech expert. I personally found that communicating a color is almost impossible to do and I needed a way of showing someone what color I had in mind; I also wanted people I was working with to have a way to show me colors they loved. I was also looking for a way of saving a color or colors that inspired me. As an artist, I realized that I needed a tool to help me save, record and share colors. That is what inspired me to create the Color911 app.


Color911 new themes


Helping people share their color inspiration is important for many creative fields. The Color911 helps people communicate what inspires them, provides over 100 color themes for color inspiration and is a personal tool that gives every artist an easy way to save what has caught their eye that they might want to remember.


Color911 2 iPhone in use - MacKenzie Childs pillow


What surprised me through this whole process is that everyone from fine artists to graphic designers found the app to be helpful and creatively inspiring.

I recently met with a few artists and they shared with me how the app has personally been a huge help to them. It opened my eyes to creative stimulus I had not even thought of, and I’m happy to share how they have used the app and how it has been a valuable tool for each of them.


Color911 2 iPad in use - Red Couch


Here’s how the Color911 app is a helpful tool for every artist to have:

  1. If there is something that inspires you, it is easy to capture the colors and save the lighter, darker, stronger or paler hues in your own library of color palettes. You can adjust the brightness, saturation or hue of any color, so that it is exactly what you want it to be.
  2. Pre-made color themes in the app provide color inspiration that can open your eyes to new possibilities. Seeing new color combinations might give you a new direction or idea you might not have thought of!
  3. Color911 gives you a clear and easy way to receive or present colors to clients. Want to show someone what you have in mind, or work with a designer who wants to show you what colors they would like you to work with? With the Color911 app you can share your colors through social media or privately in an email.
  4. One of the artists I met with likes to start with color, and making her palette first frees her up to be creative and enjoy the artistic process using the color palette she made as her guide.
  5. Capturing accurate colors is priceless. Want to save the colors of a beautiful sunrise, colorful fabric or design of a room? Capture the colors with the app and let your creative process work with the true colors, not what you remember them to be.
  6. You can save your colors and color palettes or even put them in folders if you would like to organize them. In the image you can see the list of palettes I created that I have on my iPhone. Having that to refer to has been a great resource for me. I have the actual colors I am working with, or that I created a palette for to use in the future.


Color911 iPhone palette list


Everyone uses color differently. For some, it is what starts the creative process. For others, getting their colors to be perfect is a real challenge. The app helps you do what you do best, and gives you the tool to keep you in control of your art without letting the colors get in your way. We all appreciate true inspiration, and using the app is like having a best friend helping you through the colors that you choose or the colors that seem to choose you!


Amy WaxAmy Wax is a professional consultant who is recognized for her expertise in color and design. Her company, Your Color Source Studios, Inc., specializes in the use of color for paint and other products and finishes in residential and commercial buildings. She is the creator of the award-winning Color 911® app, and the author of two bestselling books on color selection.


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  1. This app sounds like something I want to use, but I haven’t been able to find it in the play store for my Samsung tablet or phone. Is it only available as an Apple product?

    • Hi Paula, thank you for your interest in the Color911 app. At the moment it is only available for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hoping to release another version in the future, stay tuned. In the meantime you’re welcome to follow the Color911 blog at Color911.com which features color inspiration for everyone!
      Thanks, Amy

  2. It’d be nice if it was available for Android!!

    • Hi Sue, I appreciate your asking about Color911 ! Right now it is available for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hoping to release another version in the future, stay tuned. You’re welcome to follow the Color911 blog which is at Color911.com which features color inspiration for everyone!
      Stay inspired, Amy

  3. I found a working link for this app in iTunes for Apple only. The IOS link on the website doesn’t work 🙁

    Once available for android, would I need to purchase this app twice because I use both mac and Droid devices?

    • Hi CJae, the app is available for iOS devices. There was a glitch for a short time which has been repaired, so the app can now be downloaded. You’re welcome to also check out the Color911 blog at Color911.com which features color inspiration for everyone! Enjoy 🙂 Amy

  4. useless as its only for i-products. hopefully they expand to android (you know the other half of the market?)

    • Thank you for your interest Laurie, while it is now only available for iOS devices, you’re welcome to check out the Color911 blog for color inspiration! (Color911.com) I hope you’re inspired 🙂

  5. What a great app! I use this for color palettes for my paintings. I sometimes struggle with colors in my work and I use this to identify and remember colors all around me when I’m planning a painting. Obviously a lot of work has gone into planning this app. I’m so glad someone invented this.

  6. Amy,
    Your explanation of Color911 seems to suggest that a user can photograph a room or a painting –
    then the program indicates a line up of the color the photograph contains. Yes?

    How many colors will be shown if said room or painting contains a GREAT many colors?
    Please clarify the App’s boundaries and limitations.

    Many thanks,
    Brian Oschwald
    Mendham, NJ

  7. It sounds fabulous – but is it not available on Android phones/tablets? If not, when?

  8. Amy, Great work, Great product

    When color collection files a created on and iphone —
    can those file be down or uploaded to other destinations, and other diverse apps. ?

    What are the current limits of this program? Please explain.
    Many thanks,

    Brian Oschwald architect/artist

    • Hi Brian,
      You can add create a color palette with up to 16 colors in it, and share it via email or social media. When you share your colors, they receive large swatches of the color in their email and the web numbers so they can find the exact color for their own reference or use.
      I hope this is helpful, thanks for checking it out. I know it has been popular with designers and architects alike.
      Thanks for your interest, Amy

  9. Linda Troski says

    Does the app tell you the color designation in photoshop terms so you can match it , in your art piece

    • Hi Linda,
      I am so glad you asked that question. I am just completing an update that will allow you to see the RGB, CMYK or HSB numbers of any color in your palette. That way you can find the exact color and use it on other software like photoshop. Thanks for asking! I hope you find the app helpful and inspiring!
      Amy Wax

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