Top 10 Art Business Articles of 2015

Here’s the list: a countdown of the ten most-read business articles published on Artsy Shark this year. Enjoy, and please share!


Sonar Scar, body painting by Paul Roustan


Promoting a Body of Work 

Body painter Paul Roustan shares his marketing strategies ~ writing a book, selling photos of his work, and commercial pursuits. This post went viral.


Color911 2 iPad in use - Moma Scarf


6 Reasons Why Color 911 is a Must-Have for Artists

A new smartphone app called Color911 is making palette selection and sharing super easy for artists and their clients. This post went viral, too.


Carroll Swayze


How a Hard Look at Business Changed an Artist’s Life

Painter Carroll Swayze analyzed an entire year of income and expenses – art shows, sales, customer profiles, everything. What she learned changed her entire way of doing business. How she is now working smarter, not harder – and why you should be, too.




I’m Sorry …. WHAT Did You Sign?

Attorney and intellectual property specialist Emily Danchuk goes on a rant, exposing contract language from the big guys (such as Anthropologie, West Elm and Crate & Barrel) that exploits artists and opens the door to copyright infringement. Lots of comments on this one.


Out of Focus Photo


Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Photographing Art

Photographer/Artist Garry McMichael clearly explains the most common errors in photographing your artwork. The good news is that most are easily corrected, and will help you improve your images and presentation.


Necklace for sale on Spreesy


An Easy Way to Sell Art on Instagram

Use this popular platform to show and sell your art or handmade work, through “comment buying” on Spreesy. Best part is, this service is free (you pay merchant services fees.)


AS Directory Collage


What Artists Must Know About Selling Art Online

Online art sales are more mainstream than ever, and this marketplace is exploding. Are you taking advantage of the opportunities offered by selling your own art online?


Amazon v Etsy


Amazon vs. Etsy: Who Will Win?

This year, retail giant Amazon jumped into the handmade marketplace, inviting Etsy sellers to check out the opportunity they offer. Will they eclipse Etsy? Will artists embrace this new option? Would you?


Calculator - Have You Covered Your Expenses? Guest post by Harriete Estel Berman


“I Covered My Expenses” and Other Forms of Delusion and Denial

Are you operating under the false assumption that you’re not actually losing money in your art business? Harriete Estel Berman explains “opportunity cost” and the bottom line. Many artists need a reality check about their income. Do you?


Money puzzle



Should Your Art Website List Prices?

Prices matter. This article shares when to list prices on your website, when not to, precautions to take, and an alternate way to let your audience know if they can afford your art.



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