Call for Featured Artists, Spring 2017

Artsy Shark is searching for 48 artists to feature and promote in the coming months.  Submissions will be accepted for one week only.


Featured Artist Collage on

Artist credit, clockwise from top: Heather Robinson, Jim Harman, Linda Ann Weber, Robert Brusca, Judith Unger, Cindy Sacks



We invite visual artists in any medium who would like to be considered to submit an application during our Call for Artists, which runs from March 15 – 23, 2017. This is a competitive juried submission process, and not all artists who apply will be accepted. The application deadline is midnight on Thursday, March 23rd.

Artists who have individual portfolio features published share their story and their artwork, gaining exposure and publicity  Artist features are emailed to thousands of subscribers, and viewed by many of the 35,000 unique visitors who visit Artsy Shark each month.

Each artist feature contains a link to their art website, sending visitors to learn more about them and view their portfolio. This offers an opportunity for artists to gather email subscribers, build their social media following, connect with potential collectors and business contacts, and even make sales of their art.

Each feature that is published is permanent; the artist may use the link as long as they like. Our current Featured Artist Gallery currently has over 900 artist features. Each one is always accessible and shareable.

A $20 jury fee applies on all featured artist submissions. Jurying is done by viewing the artist’s website and online presence. No images need to be uploaded during the application process.

Artists will be notified of results as soon as possible, whether or not they have been accepted. Notification may take several weeks.

Artsy Shark does not take any commissions or fees on sales or contracts that result from artist features.


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