Featured Artist Jody Ahrens

Artist Jody Ahrens paints contemporary impressionistic landscapes inspired by the serene beauty of nature. See more of her art by visiting her website.


Impressionistic desert landscape painting by Jody Ahrens

“Dormant Trees” Oil, 18″ x 16″


I am both a plein air and a studio painter. Most of my small paintings are started on location, with finishing touches being added in the studio. A few of these smaller works are used as inspiration for larger-sized paintings.


Impressionistic fall landscape painting by Jody Ahrens

“Fall Footprint” Oil, 22″ x 30″


My first question upon arriving at an outdoor location is “What is the mood and the emotion that attracted me to this location on this specific day?” The answer dictates the shape of the panel (canvas), colors and values.


Impressionistic desert landscape painting by Jody Ahrens

“Old Guys on the Hill” Oil, 22″ x 18″


As these field studies progress, the most important part of my painting process is recognizing and being sensitive to each stroke as it is applied to the panel.


Impressionistic winter landscape painting by Jody Ahrens

“Red Rocks and Snow” Oil, 18″ x 24″


Interesting unplanned developments are preserved and enhanced. That means allowing the original composition to morph into something new, different, unplanned and exciting. I am an experimental painter.


Impressionistic landscape painting of Juniper trees by Jody Ahrens

“Juniper Patterns” Oil, 16″ x 12″


My training started as a child. Both of my parents were highly trained and accomplished impressionists who delighted in nurturing their children’s art interests. My formal training at Cal Arts (formerly Chouinard) was both liberating and enlightening. They didn’t recognize rules and taught us to throw paint at the canvas, smear it on with our hands, add unconventional items (like dirt, cement, egg shells, twigs) and use a variety of tools like hacksaw blades, putty knives and hair picks.


Impressionistic stormy landscape painting by Jody Ahrens

“Stormy Day” Oil, 20″ x 20″


After graduation, I slowly came into my own style that merged my parents’ original structured landscape training and the creative abstract training from Cal Arts.


Impressionistic landscape painting of trees and a pond by Jody Ahrens

“Sky Through Trees” Oil, 18″ x 14″


My studio has also evolved from sitting on the ground, canvas propped against my feet Cal Arts style, to a comfortable 650 square foot loft with a 15-foot ceiling, a high tech counter-balanced easel and air conditioning. Painting tools are the only giveaway of my former Cal Tech training; they still include teflon kitchen bowl scrapers, window squeegees and putty knives along with conventional brushes and painting knives.


Impressionistic landscape painting of Monument Canyon by Jody Ahrens

“Monument Canyon” Oil, 22″ x 16″


My mission as an artist is to create work that connects with my collectors, bringing feelings of harmony and pleasure to their homes and offices. In each piece there is an invitation for you to take a journey of your own into the depths of the painting.


Impressionistic landscape painting of a pond in the woods by Jody Ahrens

“Sara’s Pond” Oil 16″ x 12″


There is always a place for you to go—a tempting path to explore, a shady woods just across the meadow, or an inviting pond to linger by.


Impressionistic landscape painting of a grass covered hill by Jody Ahrens

“Yellow Hillside” Oil,18″ x 24″


I belong to many professional art organizations. My work has received numerous prestigious awards through the years and been featured in magazines and publications.


Impressionistic stormy landscape painting by Jody Ahrens

“Sunshine and Thunder” Oil, 24″ x 18″


The highest honor to me, however, is a sale. There is no greater reward than creating a piece of art that connect with another person on such a personal level that they want to take it home.


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