Featured Artist Pauletta Brooks

Artist Pauletta Brooks creates stunning pieces of wearable art using minerals, metals and resin mesh. Find more of her unique designs on her website.


cuff and earrings by Pauletta Brooks

Mesh Jewelry Ensemble—earrings and cuff” resin mesh, colored glass crystals, faux pearls, gold leaf paints, cuff 4”h x 3”w; earrings 6” long


Born of a mineral-collecting father and an artist/painter mother, it’s no surprise that I developed into a jewelry artist.


turquoise and amethyst choker by Pauletta Brooks

“Turquoise + Amethyst Mineral Choker” resin mesh, Turquoise, Amethyst, Jasper, vintage chain, Vermeil toggle, gold leaf paint, 20” long necklace


I work with semiprecious stones and raw minerals, applying color, form and texture to my work.


mineral mix cuff, bracelet, rings and choker pendant by Pauletta Brooks

“Mineral Mix Ensemble (cuff, earrings, rings, bracelet, necklaces)” resin mesh, Quartz, Pyrite Druzy, assorted minerals, silver, gold leaf paints, assorted sizes


After graduating Hampshire College and The Fashion Institute of Technology, I worked in the fashion industry as an illustrator, stylist, and art director. When an opportunity arose where I was asked to accessorize a fashion show of plain black swimsuits, I took it upon myself to create an assortment of colorful jewelry to use on the runway, thus venturing into a new career of jewelry design!


green flourite pendant necklace by Pauletta Brooks

“Green Fluorite Mesh TRIANGLE Pendant” resin mesh, green Fluorite, vintage chain, Vermeil toggle, gold leaf paint, 34” long necklace


Never shy to use non-traditional materials, I began to experiment with an array of products, mixing anomalous elements and blending them to form interesting textures.


mineral mesh cuff by Pauletta Brooks

“Mineral Mix Cuff” resin mesh, Quartz, Pyrite Druzy, gold leaf paints, 4”h x 3”w


I worked with various jewelry techniques but still hadn’t found anything I was comfortable with. So, it was sheer serendipity that led me to the doctor’s office one day with a broken finger where I discovered a new and novel material—resin mesh.


pastel mineral choker by Pauletta Brooks

“Pastel Mineral PODs choker” resin mesh, pink, yellow and blue Calcite, suede ties, gold leaf paint, approx. 8”l x 2h” (not including ties)


With it, I could sculpt and mold my collection of minerals into jewelry pieces. This material, available in various weights, strengths and resiliencies, is one of several thermoplastic materials used in the medical industry for casts and splints, and also used in the theater industry for props and masks.


long mineral necklace by Pauletta Brooks

“Long Mineral Necklace (shown with cuff and earrings)” resin mesh, Carnelian, Malachite, Aquamarine, Jasper, Amazonite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Fluorite, gold fill chain and toggle, gold leaf paints, 34” long necklace


It has a thermal property that allows it to become soft and malleable when heated, then solid and flexible once cooled. It allows me to form a foundation and structure for the stones and allows me to re-purpose a man-made material in an environmentally sound way.


mesh mineral bracelet by Pauletta Brooks

“Mesh MERMAID Bracelet” resin mesh, pink and blue Mystic Quartz, Vermeil toggle, gold leaf paint, 7”l


I try to create pieces that are eye-catching and unique, as if they come from a mysterious world of beauty and fantasy; almost as if they had been dredged up from a mermaid’s lair in the sea.


jeweled mesh cuff by Pauletta Brooks

“MERMAID Jeweled Mesh Cuff” resin mesh, colored glass crystals, faux pearls, gold leaf paints, 4”h x 3”w


My work has been featured in fashion editorials in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times as well as a variety of craft and jewelry journals such as Ornament Magazine, Hand/Eye and the Contemporary Jewelry Handbook.


green flourite necklace by Pauletta Brooks

“Green Octahedron Fluorite Necklace” resin mesh, green Octahedron Fluorite, Vermeil chain and toggle, gold leaf paint, 20” long necklace


I have also had my work shown in a number of galleries in the United States and around the world including The Folk Art Museum of New York City, the galleries at The Fashion Institute of Technology, Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York City, Eleni Marneri Galerie in Athens, Greece, Artistar in Milan, Italy and ICKS Contemporary Jewelry in Bruxelles, Belgium.


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  1. Tyler Feinhaus says

    Really beautiful pieces. Where can one buy them?

  2. Pauletta’s work is so inspiring and has a real magical quality about it. I would love to own a piece!

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