Featured Artist Update & Promotion

Featured Artist Collage

You’ve been a Featured Artist on Artsy Shark.  But that was a while ago ….


Would you like to update your featured artist page with:

  • new information
  • new art
  • new links

and jump-start traffic to your art website?

Earlier this year, Artsy Shark went through a major website redesign, offering a “gallery look” with bigger, bolder, beautiful images of every piece of art.

Website traffic on Artsy Shark has increased to almost 30,000 unique visitors every month, and many of them click links on featured artist pages. Artists report huge website traffic from their pages, and consequently many have made sales and great contacts, gotten invitations to exhibit, licensing contracts and even gallery deals.

Artsy Shark is now offering an Update & Promotion package to all existing featured artists. You can now:

  • Replace part or all of the written content on your page – update your bio, and your message. Add as much current info as you like. Spell and grammar check and editing services are included upon request at no charge.
  • Replace any or all of your images with new artwork (and optional captions)
  • Add links to your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Add links to other websites featuring your work – such as your Etsy shop, FASO, or other third-party site
  • Add your contact information if you choose

No cookie-cutter forms. Carolyn Edlund, Founder of Artsy Shark, will  work with you personally through email to customize your page and re-energize it.

Your freshly updated Featured Artist page will be promoted by Artsy Shark extensively on social media, sending new traffic to your art website. Your website link can go to your home page, a gallery page on your site, or a special landing page you create to capture addresses of your visitors, or to convert them to customers.

Plus – an image of your art with a link to the updated page will appear in the sidebar of Artsy Shark for a week, to attract even more visitors to your page! 

Ready for your update? 


Featured Artist Update & Promotion

Yes! I would like to update and re-energize my Featured Artist page with new content, images and links. Promote my work in a sidebar ad and on social media!
  • Price: $45.00
    Complete Featured Artist page update. Rewrite any or all page content, replace any or all of your images with new art, link to your social media pages, link to other sites featuring your work, add contact details. This package includes promotion of your page in a sidebar ad, and extensive promotion on social media by Artsy Shark, along with tips for you to promote and share your updated page. $45.00 USD.