Your Art Business Checklist

Organize your art business.

Get ready to market and sell your work!


Art Business Planning:

Do you have an overall vision for your business?

Have you set long and short-term goals?

Have you considered ways that you can leverage your business?

Do you know which markets or business models are appropriate for your work, such as:

Do you belong to an art community that provides support and resources?

Do you have a mentor or accountability partner?


Your Artist Portfolio:

Is your body of work cohesive, in a distinctive, recognizable signature style?

Do you have outstanding photographs of your art to represent your portfolio? Or does your presentation need help?

Do you have photographs of your work in situ?

Do you have detail shots of your work?


Your Artist Story:

Do you have an artist statement that is clear and compelling? Can you describe the concept behind your art?

Have you developed your artist story? Do you understand how to use your story in different venues and for marketing purposes?

Does your story make emotional impact with others?


Pricing Your Art:

Do you have an understanding of pricing and a pricing strategy?

Are your prices set to include a profit margin?

Do you know how and when to increase your prices?

Have you used strategies to add perceived value to your art?

Do you use techniques to upsell, cross-sell, or create packages ?



Do you have a clear idea of your ideal customer?

Can you explain why people should buy your work?

Do you have work in progress photos to share on social media and through email marketing?

Do you use a marketing calendar to schedule marketing activities?

What social media platforms do you use? Are they working for you?

Do you have an email marketing list? Do you send regular campaigns?

Have you used direct mail, such as postcards or invitations?

Do you use press releases or other methods to seek press exposure?


Your Art Website:

Do you have your own art website?

Does your Home page have a header with your business name, and tagline?

Is there an email subscriber opt-in form on your site? Does it pop up?

Is the art on your website priced? Why or why not?

Does your About page work well for you? Does it use a conversational tone, introduce you as the artist, and include your photo?

Are you using videos on your website?

Does your site have a blog? Or are you willing to create one?

Is there sufficient information for site visitors to understand what you make, your terms and policies, and be able to purchase your work?

Have you made a regular practice of building backlinks to your site?

Are you selling your work on any third-party sites? What are you results?


Business systems:

Are you collecting a list of customers and others who are interested in your art? Do you have a plan in place to gain repeat and referral sales?

Do you have Google Analytics installed? How do you use that data?

Have you created business systems and planning to get everything done in your studio, as well as marketing and sales tasks?

Are you outsourcing any work to others that frees you to work in the studio?

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