A video based guide on how to run live art shows, some real world live art show examples, and announcing a HUGE contest if you follow the guide and run one. Let’s get started.


Intro to the Guide

A quick introduction (must watch) to the guide, what success here looks like, how to use the guide and what to pay attention to.

The Equipment You Need

You already have everything you need to run a live art show. You can use your cell phone, your laptop, or your desktop with a webcam.

Inventory and Pricing

Use what you have and keep it.  Some thoughts on inventory and pricing.

How to Get Paid

How to think through payment and accepting payment.

Where to Stream the Show

How to decide / think through where to stream the show.

Never run a live stream before?  No problem.  We have you covered.  Below you will find video tutorials on how to go live on Facebook and Instagram with your mobile phone. Step by step.

How To Announce The Show & What To Do After

You are ready to run your show.  Here is how to announce, run, and what to do afterwards.  All of this is extra credit.  You can run a show without it or you can go the extra mile.

Some Bonus Content to Help You Get Started

You want to see some complete shows?  No problem  Here are a few you can watch from start to finish.  Some things to watch for and some things to not worry about.